GPU Caps Viewer: Know all about your card graph

all user interested in purchasing a graphics card seeks to collect as much information as possible before placing money on the table, but the actual behavior of the hardware and many of its internal functions are known once it was installed on the computer. GPU-z is the main tool of identification in the market, however, today I want to do a review to GPU Caps Viewer that it can detect a wide range of details, and is accompanied by several benchmarks .

there are many users out there convinced that the processor has lost some relevance to graphics cards . The demands of the video 4K and reality virtual led us to acquire real monsters that spit pictures per second as if the world ended tomorrow. The official drivers reached such a dimension that already they can be «operating dedicated systems» . And the number of data to be evaluated is enormous. Type of architecture, frequency, TDP, fillrate the width of the buses, extensions, support CUDA-OpenGL-DirectX-Vulkan … the list continues.

Vulkan, OpenCL… not escapes you almost nothing

If you need to know all that and more, you can download a copy of GPU Caps Viewer . The information is divided into seven tabs, and includes the general specifications of the graphics card, its temperature, driver, complete list of OpenGL, CUDA compatibility extensions version (si se trata de hardware Nvidia) and both OpenCL and Vulkan parameters. Section 3D Demos will find over twenty benchmarks different, each with its specific level of demand, and if allows it advanced options to modify the resolution.

GPU Caps Viewer brings several demos integrated

the latest version of GPU Caps Viewer added support for new graphic modules in laptops, such as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, Intel HD Graphics 630 (la variante GT2 presente en procesadores Kaby Lake) and AMD Radeon R7 M300 series . GPU Caps Viewer is free, download is approximately seven megabytes (13.5 MB descomprimidos) and has a portable version for your convenience. You are still some details of detection in regards to Vulkan and fan speeds (siempre y cuando la tarjeta gráfica no sea pasiva) but its overall performance is very good.

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