Google’s garage Digital new free online courses!

this is the most recent addition: Google introduced a new platform online to boost entrepreneurs in Latin America. Garage Digital is the name of this new online education free service.

students, entrepreneurs and companies have access to tools and digital resources to enhance your projects and digital skills.

 Google Garage Digital

what is Garage Digital

Garage Digital is a web portal of education online that seeks to promote the development of digital skills for business and entrepreneurship projects.” Like Activate: the same Google Mooc you will find free online courses and face-to-face (soon).

the idea is that any user will improve these digital capabilities through 23 topics including 89 lessons in total.

how to register at Digital Garage

any person in the continent may enter Garage Digital and sign up 100% free. The platform, a small test carried out during the registration process to meet your profile and adapt the lessons according to your needs and objectives to reach.

you can login or log in to Google Digital Garage website from any device or computer. “

 as a sign on the platform digitalgarage

once you choose a subject or course to study and take it successfully until the end of the lessons of the program, you can obtain a free certificate.

certification is free

in Garage Digital certificates are free and they are awarded by Google together with the Inter-American Development Bank through its program Connect Americas .

according to the profile that you have made known to the platform, you’ll find online courses on digital strategies related to digital marketing, social media, e-commerce and online presence. The curriculum also allows to track progress and the fulfilment of the objectives set.

courses available at Garage Digital

inside platform will find full agenda to begin your training and thus achieve that educational and occupational success you are looking for. These are the main themes or mini-courses in the Garage Digital:

  • first steps to your success online (4 lessons).
  • develops your presence online (6 lessons).
  • connection via e-mail e (4 lessons).
  • knows the world of search engines (6 lessons).
  • position yourself and advertise in search engines (4 lessons).
  • promote yourself on social networks (4 lessons).
  • e-commerce : create your online store.
  • learn how to sell more on the Internet (3 lessons).

 course dictated by Google e-commerce

a world of career opportunities thanks to Google

according to Miguel Alva, director of Marketing of Google Mexico in the future one of every ten jobs will involve some sort of management digital skills.

a starting from that you are better prepared as a person, you can find business opportunities. But also being a company, an entrepreneur or a small SME owner you can reach to publicize your product or service by implementing a successful digital strategy.

as company, and reach your ideal audience, also achieve that your employees or current collaborators can use this Garage Digital as part of its education and training programmes.

among the content available within this e-learning platform we have:

  • video tutorials on video.
  • sections of the learning of entrepreneurs
  • and cases of success.

the main objective of Google is to present the opportunities that you can reach through the proper management of digital tools at present. Be more competitive, raise the level of training of our team.

join this new programme of the “giant” to improve your skills in the digital world? Inside you will find more specific courses. Don’t waste time and join now.

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