Google will use its artificial intelligence… to do more intelligence artificial

a very important part of the strategy that has Google for the next few years involves artificial intelligence . Their platforms are assimilating many things at high speed, but according to CEO Sundar Pichai, the only way forward is delegate the creation of new structures of learning to the existing models. Google Search and Google Assistant would be the main beneficiaries, however, the company also imagine applications in medicine and chemistry.

code that writes code. many engineers believe that it is inevitable, and that artificial intelligence will be one fundamental piece. To tell the truth, the artificial intelligence is emerging as cornerstone in dozens of markets that go far beyond the programming. You have seen it draw recognize objects create movies edit trailers and drive cars. Also releasing one on the Web, with disruptive results . But an artificial intelligence able to do another and optimized from what you learned previously… that is at a very different level. How could it be otherwise, Google plans to achieve it.

all starts with dogs and cats…

CEO Sundar Pichai took the stage on the first day of the Conference I/o 2017, and essentially admitted that it is becoming increasingly difficult creating new models of learning. At the same time, the number of experts is limited, so the next step is automation of certain tasks. As a starting point, Google announced its new initiative and enabled access to their units of processing strain so that hundreds of thousands of developers use machine learning, speeding, and training their own projects. From there, new neural networks that the company believes will other neural networks to with the help of AutoML . The system takes a group of «networks candidates» and submits them to a special training method until the best of these is discovered.

one of the plans is to dump these developments in the optimization of Google Search and Google Assistant. It is even speculated that in the future they are no longer separate products but there is still more. Pichai spoke about the creation of tools designed to assist doctors and health researchers. Faster Diagnostics, precise analysis of the progress of certain diseases such as cancer, and the formation of new drugs are some of the possibilities. It will take time, but are already underway.

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