Google: US judge arranges publication data stored outside the United States to

municipal judge Lauren Biel has a U.S. Court’s previous ruling confirmed the Google committed to disclose user data stored in a foreign country. She a Google’s dispute with the refused justification Google itself can retrieve the relevant data in the United States, and process, even if they are stored elsewhere.

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“- Google – service provider is located in the district and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court,” argued the judge. “The warrant refers to the one place where it can access and transmit it on the data requested by the Government.”

in February, a U.S. Court in Philadelphia declared a warrant for lawful with the FBI on a Google customer’s data stored outside the United States wanted to access. Judge Thomas Rueter instructed Google to transfer the relevant data from a server abroad, so the US federal police can see them in the context of fraud investigation there a server in the United States. The transfer of data in turn classified the judge rather than seizure, because she was “no significant intervention in the ownership of the data of the account holder”.

this decision was different than a similar procedure, in which a U.S. Federal Appeals Court demanded the publication data of Microsoft customers not legitimate was. Microsoft was to data stored in a data center in Ireland – and a search warrant issued in the United States could be not extra territorial applied according to the Court. However, the publication of data demanded by the U.S. Justice Department with only four votes of the eight-member Panel of judges was denied here. A judge declared his hope that it comes as quickly as possible a different decision by a higher instance or the Congress with regard to Microsoft’s EU data.

what Google’s wanted to see judge Laurel Beeler now but anyway no parallel to the Microsoft case: “Unlike at Microsoft, where storage of data to the referred site of a user was bound, is not to decide in terms of storage. The distribution of information automatically by an algorithm, and serves the efficiency of the network.”

Google was instructed therefore handed the Gmail account data requested in the search warrant, message content, attachments, metadata, and site data. This Court decision was only four Gmail accounts. Because the FBI could assert themselves, it is but probably encourages more frequently request data from foreign users.


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