Google says that Google Maps will be compatible with Apple Watch

in here we speak of as Google Maps, eBay, and Amazon would abandon Apple Watch. We have new news that seems to be that Google Maps that will still be available for Apple smart clock keep reading.

Google Maps expects to support new Apple Watch very soon

Google has spoken with certain media and says that have withdrawn, for now, the support for Apple Watch but they expect to support him again in the near future.  Still, it is unknown when will be supported and integrated Google Maps with the Apple Watch exactly.

what can we expect from Google Maps on the clock?

If you’ve used Google Maps with your Smart Watch will know how useful it is. Google navigation with watchOS system offers step-by-step driving standing whenever necessary with the GPS of our iPhone or Apple Watch Series 2 (which has integrated GPS).

even so, unlike that occurs with Maps of Apple, users have to search for the address using the iPhone. another problem Google Maps meets the native Apple application is the fact that can not show the conventional view of the map, which represents a constraint for many of its users.

 Google Maps in Apple Watch Google Maps in Apple Watch

the removal of applications has been slow to be

Google news seems that it followed the same route as Amazon or eBay, that have already removed the support for their own applications in the Apple Watch. These applications have been long without receiving support and it has not been until now when have realized us their situation. this case indicates very clearly that they didn’t have many users and that his departure from the App Store the watch is due to this situation, among others.

why do Google Google Maps that Apple Watch?

personally, I think that want to compete directly with native navigation system of Apple’s Maps. while you have the system step by step, very useful in navigation, lacks some of the features of Apple’s Maps. It is very likely that wish to adapt Google Maps to a system more like the version of Apple being able to track on a conventional map or by running the command directly from the clock and thus forget to use the iPhone to do this.

do you have an Apple Watch? Have you ever used the navigation with your watch? If so, which system you have used Google Maps or the native Apple application? Leave us your experience and opinion in the comments box.

via AppleInsider

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