Google resets nexus 6 via OTA update from Android 7.1.1 to version 7.0

Google in the past few days has an over the air update for the nexus 6 distributed, which brought no improvements from the perspective of the owner of the Google Smartphone. Instead, it puts the Smartphone Android 7.1.1 nougat on Android 7.0 back – according to Android police a unique operation in the history of the Google mobile operating system. The downgrade is necessary to continue to provide the nexus 6 updates a Google employee according to .

 Google nexus 6 has officially unveiled (picture: Google) initial reaction of users has been consistently negative. Reported mainly by large problems with app crashes after installing Android 7.0. Usually discourage manufacturers of such downgrade of the operating system or offer only no way for this because apps that have already special enhancements for the new version of the OS, do not work after switching to an older OS version may be.

Moreover, Google had made it clear recently that the nexus 6 and also the nexus of 9 will receive no other function updates . They do not participate in the recently launched Android 7.1.2 beta program. So, Android 7.1.1 would have been the last update for the nexus 6.

on reddit confirmed was a Google employee, that now Android 7.0 officially supported the last version of the OS for the nexus 6. “Those who continue to do OTA updates, must go back to supported Android 7.0. If you have problems following the adoption of the 7.0 update, please reset your device to factory settings.”

However the Google employees opened also a back door for the users who want to stay with Android 7.1.1. You can future builds not more over-the-air, however from Google’s Developer Web site, download and Flash itself. Why will the newer version of Android is no longer automatically distributed, of Google employees but left open.

because the downgrade process is itself highly unusual, the response from Google’s Community Manager many reddit users encountered incomprehension . “I can’t believe that the Google’s official response is. This is a bad joke,”wrote the user Dberthia. Another user accused Google, his having broken update promise given in December .

should be noted, that many users bought the nexus – or now also pixel devices from Google, to promptly find the latest versions of Android. While Google requires usually only a few weeks to provide all its supported smartphones and tablets with a new version of Android, this takes partners with Google’s usually months which is also the reason for the high fragmentation of the operating system . With the downgrade to Android 7.0, this selling point at least for users of the nexus 6 unnecessary in hindsight.


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