Google Play: zero and will repeatedly seep of malicious applications!

it is! As they say “it is not good to cry over spilled milk”, but as I indicated previously in another of my articles: there is some news that affect all Android users, since it makes them feel a bit helpless and exposed to attacks from cybercriminals.

For many it is a failure that can happen “even in the best families”; but for small Minecraft users, who may have been exposed to fraud and aggressive ads as a result of false mods download, can be a not-so-picturesque experience!

What is a Trojan?

If you have no clear what is a Trojan, and also has a device with Android operating system, it is worth clarifying that:

cyber-criminals, tend to dress in the style of the story of the antiquity of the Trojan horse, by means of malicious software that is presented to the user as an apparently legitimate program and harmless, but that , when executed, causes damage by creating a backdoor in the terminal that enables remote management to an unauthorized user to display unwanted advertising, steal data and money for the same user in strategic as holiday and Christmas seasons.

Misleading advertising within apps

how is related to that of the “Trojan” Google Play?

Recently, ESET, a company specializing in computer security, discovered a new attack aimed at users of Android that were affected by Trojans who came within 87 false mods for Minecraft available on Google Play. Apparently such Trojans reached to settle approximately 990,000 times last March, exposing unsuspecting players of Minecraft to fraud (by means of malicious code, once opened, enable downloading and installing harmful files on the infected victim system) and aggressive ads.

 which displays advertising and direct me to fraudulent websites

tips to prevent this type of threats on Android?

Given this difficult situation to Android users, worth remembering the advice to keep healthy and free of malicious applications, save terminal:

  • install a security solution in mobile devices that include the terminal through the Root, a filter anti-malware, not hack
  • always to protect access to the appliance by means of a PIN or password to unlock the screen.
  • Do not use public Wi-Fi networks at the time of important operations, transmit sensitive data or transactions,
  • only store fair and necessary data on the mobile device. Now well; If they are to save access credentials and passwords, use applications to encrypt them and keep them safe.
  • Download applications only Google Play and consider if the permissions requested each application for installation are really necessary.

Sometimes, simply only download applications from Google Play, is not necessary to check the scores and comments from them to determine how reliable can be a developer.

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