Google plans adblocker for chrome

Google chrome want to integrate an adblocker in its market-leading Web browser . The new feature could be even on by default as it reported Wall Street Journal . “With the plans of the company trusted people”, the newspaper learned that the official announcement could be made in the next few weeks. Google was still to clarify certain details, and could even abandon the plans.

 adblocker (image: Shutterstock)

the adblocker in chrome not any advertising and listings to hide anywhere – and scarcely to be expected as Google achieved by advertising his own income largely . He is to filter rather certain types of advertising that prepare an adverse experience to users while surfing. Apparently, not yet decided is whether Google will block only single annoying ads or all ads on sites that work with such forms of advertising.

is what such “unacceptable” ads, the industry organization defined Coalition for better ads in the last month. According to your specifications, ad formats like pop-ups and automatically play promotional videos with sound are undesirable because they learn only a low acceptance by consumers. This also applies to Prestitials – full page and the actual page upstream advertising, which only releases the views of desired content after a certain time.

the informers of the newspaper described the planned action as defensive. Google wants spend the further advance of the other ad blocker, which lead to a broader filtering of advertisements. Special annoyance to have thus raised the provider of ad, collecting the fees keep as acceptable estimated ads through their filters. So, for example, Google and pay Microsoft declared the Adblock-Plus provider Eyeo a as a compensation fee .

it is estimated that 26 percent of US users use now software, to stop advertising on their devices. Adblocker already have in Europe a wide spread. The use of ad on Smartphones takes to the world . Adblocker are also very popular in the Asia Pacific region, to reduce mobile data usage.

Google can due to the wide distribution of its chrome browser opportunities figure, to stop the trend towards further adblocker installation with a built-in feature for moderate ad filtering. StatCounter had a market share of almost 53 percent under the Web browsers to the popular chrome in March 2017.

Opera with integrated adblocker has been available for a year. The Norwegian browser manufacturers promotes the native feature especially with faster browsing. The ad blocker is not enabled by default, and exceptions can be easily added.


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