Google Photos and DUO are updated to improve performance for people with little connectivity


Google was in Brazil, and in his most recent event in Sao Paulo presented important updates for your app Photos and Duo . Brazil being a country that suffers from gaps in connectivity, these applications have been adapted especially for those users that are in areas with gaps in the network.

Google Photos save the images with lower quality

this new update includes that they can make the backup copies of the images and to share them even with low connectivity. Now, would keep in a low-grade, but that according to Google, it still has a good quality for a smartphone device.

and what happens if you want to have good connectivity? Simple. images that were saved in low quality, will be replaced by higher quality versions.

 Google Duo and Photos

how is it has to adapted Duo to this low connectivity?

Google video calling app has had to adapt also this new need for users with less connectivity. For that, in situations where connectivity is low, l call would happen to be only of audio using a scarce bandwidth and without loosing quality in the communication. The sacrifice of the image about the audio, is clearly a strategy that many have used manually on many platforms of this kind, and now Google has adapted it to make it happen automatically in certain situations.


to be presented and designed especially for the areas of Brazil with connectivity problems, these new features are already available in this South American country. Updates will reach other countries over the next few days.

what do you think of this adaptation of Google towards those users with connection problems? Do you think that Apple should add to cart? Leave your opinion in the comments.

via MacRumors

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