Google Maps Adds a Timeline in your application

 Google Mpas

Google Maps incorporates a new feature so that we can check how far we have come during the day without having to access the web version to be able to view it.

Google continues to integrate with iOS

in the yesterday you had at this news that Google continues its efforts to become more integrated in the iOS system. In its update included a new widget with which we can follow a route without having to enter in the Google Maps application, as well as to see the signs that we must continue to our destination.

in addition, Google has integrated its application of maps within iMessage with which we won’t have to go to the app to share our location with our contacts.

check your Timeline from Google Maps

has now launched a new feature that was only previously available on the Android operating system and your web application. It’s Timeline, or as it appears in our apps in Spain, “My c ronologia “.

what is this new option?

very simple. What makes this section is collect all the movements that we do during the day creating the route we followed in our city at the end of each day.

the main drawback is that we must enable location even though we are not using the application which will be a greater expenditure of battery as the GPS stays activated throughout the day.

and how I can view this daily journey?

 Google Maps

just you should access the menu within the Google Maps app. There you will see all the available options. Which you must click appears as my chronology.

inside of that paragraph you will see current, and travel up to the right, the calendar icon, you can surf the rest of the year. But remember that for this record to be saved must have enabled location option always. 

in addition different stops you’ve done, and the distance you travel you will see. Even you can personalise it indicating in which means of transport have gone or what activity you have done.

now only to assess whether it is worth sacrificing that percentage of battery for having registered your travels or not. do you will you do?

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