Google lens, the camera does smarter

Google is taking a new attempt to take advantage of Smartphone cameras intelligently. The service of Google lens uses the photo module, to detect objects and to deliver the user useful information to them. Lens should prove a practical in the photos app, but above all make even more versatile digital Google Assistant Wizard. Later, it should inspire all Google products.

CEO Sundar Pichai announced the new skills on the I/O Developer Conference. Lens is something like a reverse image search with artificial intelligence. Computer vision recognizes an image – and Google finds out what it is. The search begins with an image instead of a text input box.

 Sundar Pichai Google lens describes (screenshot: Sundar Pichai Google lens describes (screenshot:

comes about a flower in the field of view, Google Assistant called the botanical name, and shows the way to the nearest florists on request. The camera captures a restaurant, he immediately presented reviews. Who sets the camera on a concert poster, gets proposed the purchase of tickets or a YouTube video with a song from the digital assistant.

as another example, the Assistant thanks to Google lens decreases bother to enter even credentials for Wi-Fi access. Rather it is enough to set up the camera on bar codes with the login credentials on a router a Android device automatically connects to the network.

 opposite the restaurant reviews (screenshot: reviews Restaurant opposite (screenshot:

a clever photo lens, Google is trying for years. Google Translate feature introduced early 2015 to translate captured text automatically with the camera. The app was able to replace the text of a traffic sign or a menu, for example in the live image. This technique is based on the acquisition of the US company quest Visual, the developer of translation app word lens .

2009 Google goggles should deliver search results to an object, which is focused with the camera. Google doing daily off the subject with the Google image search and tried also site-specific results to spend thanks to GPS location tracking. The technique of Visual search was not but yet mature and delivered too often useless results. The goggles app is still in the play store, has been updated but least 2014.

as of goggles was presented, it was still at the experimental stage in the Google Labs. “Automatic image editing” was still in the “growth” said at the time. That is why goggles work only for “certain types of objects in certain categories well”. According to the progress made in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Internet Group at Google lens is now seem far more confident.

lens is a collection of technologies for image recognition, is surprising and versatile of the Google applications. In the photos app she should make about useful, by recognizing, who is to see everything on a photo – and automatically proposes the parts of the recording with the pictured.

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