Google jump: 360-degree videos with 17 4K-Kameras

the Chinese competitor to the GoPro Yi technology has on the TV trade fair NAB in Las Vegas a camera system introduced, 17 4K-Kameras are integrated into the overall. Yi Halo was developed in cooperation with Google and is suitable for the absorption of 360-degree videos using the Google platform jump. While the movie editing software comes assembler jump used to combine the individual videos to a stereoscopic VR video.

as GoPro Odyssey was already a developed also for Google jump enhanced 360-degree system with 16 individual cameras. When Yi Halo as a new generation of jump an upward-facing camera is also used, to enable seamless sky shots. The new system also comes out with a weight of just 3.4 kilograms and is intended to allow continuous recording with a replaceable battery in 100 minutes.

 Yi Halo (picture: Yi technology) Yi Halo (picture: Yi technology)

a camera is damaged, it can quickly against a new be exchanged and synchronized with the other cameras. At the same time, the system can distribute firmware updates to all 17 cameras. All settings are on a to make Android device, which also gives you a live preview.

the recorded image material passes through jump assembler, are from this 360-degree videos to put together, to look at those scenes in any direction. This “Sophisticated computer vision algorithms and the computing power of Google’s data centers” to use come as jump product manager writes Emily Price in a blog . After the Assembly, the stereoscopic video resolution can reach times 8192 pixels at 30 or 25 fps up to 8192.

the estimated price of about $17,000 is indicating that the camera system for professional use is intended. The sale will start in the summer, but selected filmmakers get already individual systems. Google sets also start the jump programme, which is intended to allow the creation of your own VR movies more creative. Filmmakers can get to apply until May 22, around two months working with a camera and assembler unlimited use jump. Jump cameras GoPro Odyssey to over 100 applicants come to the free rental.

for smaller money Yi technology has announced also 360 VR a camera in your pocket with Yi, which should allow live-VR recordings also consumers. She come in the June 2017 at a price of 399 dollars in the market. For about 180 euro there is the YI 4 K as cheap action camera, in the test by reached 7.8 out of 10 . Was announced at the CES the action camera YI 4 K +, which will cost around 370 euros and as the world’s first model of this device class 4K-Videos with up to 60 fps records .

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