“Google is associated with Raspberry Pi to launch the a virtual Assistant

 VoiceKit of Google and Raspberry Pi.

many of us already have in our homes smart devices that control other devices in the home. A spice of Echo Amazon or Google Home but custom. Others opt to purchase the device from Amazon or Google. But now there is another possibility, a legal, optimized and free possibility.

Google has teamed up with Raspberry Pi in the creation of projects for copyleft Hardware . Thus, they have created a home virtual assistant can build ourselves but to be Google and Raspberry Pi technology.

this virtual Assistant has been named as VoiceKit or at least as well is called the website in which you will find all the information of the device. This device curiously is available through the latest issue of The MagPi.

VoiceKit is the first free virtual assistant that has been created between Google and Raspberry Pi

this magazine was created by the Foundation Raspberry Pi and in the latest issue construction kit is attached to this virtual assistant, which includes components such as a Pi Zero W plate, speakers, etc… In addition you may use Google to have a functional virtual Assistant and software without any problems.

at the moment, through the magazine is the only method to get this kit’s virtual assistant. But this is something that already happened with Pi Zero plate, and months later we began to find it in the stores of Hardware free. On the other hand Google has confirmed that this virtual assistant kit will not be the only thing that lance in collaboration with Raspberry Pi . His interest in the plate is authentic and they will continue to launch official projects with Google software and hardware of Raspberry Pi.

the truth is that The MagPi is difficult to reach the Spanish kiosks but it is also true that to have free Hardware and free Software, this virtual Assistant you can build ourselves without any problems, that Yes, have to be something handyman so have to build the kit first.

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