Google I/O: Launch of Google Assistant for the iPhone

Google plans seem to bring its artificial intelligence-based Google Assistant Wizard on more devices. The digital assistant should be available in the future for Apple’s iPhone. According to Bloomberg sources referred to unspecified Google will announce today a version of Google Assistant for iOS I/O 2017 on the occasion of the opening of its developers Conference.

 Google Assistant to communicate via text and spoken language (screenshot: the voice-driven Wizard Google had introduced in the past year. He is currently for Google’s own pixel smartphones, the speakers Google home and Android wear 2.0 available. He will replace later Google now on other Android smartphones with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android 7.0 nougat.

Bloomberg according to Google Assistant will offer a similar range of functions for iOS as under Android. The wizard can be free as an app on the Apple app store, initially only in the USA. Already, Google work to support other countries.

also is the Assistant app integrate with other Google applications on an iPhone and allow to control by voice command. A user could ask, for example, for a particular video, which will then play in YouTube, according to the report.

in addition Google to expand also its photos app. She should be able to compile physical photo books via artificial intelligence, which users can order and deliver to home can. Are different types of photo books and qualities available at prices from $10.

Bloomberg also assumes that Google Announces a partnership with GE and the US manufacturer of home appliances integrate the Google Assistant in selected products such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. Users might ask then, for example, the wizard how many dishes in the dishwasher, fit or preheat the oven to 180 ° C by voice command.

in addition to Google Assistant and artificial intelligence also Android will be O a priority of the developers Conference. It is expected that Google introduces new features of the successor to nougat and releases are also a first developer preview. New pixel smartphones will present the company but probably only in the autumn.

of the other Google I/O will provide developers probably also with new information about Google daydream and virtual reality. Also Android wear 2.0 and the future of Google’s wearable OS should be on the agenda.


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