Google I/O in the live stream from 19:00

Google I/O is the counterpart to the Apple WWDC. What is a must for developers, encountering great interest but also for consumers. At these fairs, you can learn what the companies plan the next few months. Google CEO Sunda Pichai is certainly the most important features of the next version O, also known Android as Andoid present 8, but talk also about planned changes in other key areas such as cloud, VR, and chrome . The live stream starts at 19 UTC.

 Google I/O 2017 (image: Google)

the I/O program reveals that many sessions on the topic of Android are planned. Also to the digital helper Google Assistant, developers can read extensively. Google wants to bring on more devices wizard based on artificial intelligence according to rumors. Allegedly, the group will announce today that the digital helper in the future also for will be available Apple’s iPhone .

pay particular attention the Smartphone manufacturers are likely to follow the designs to the new update function in Android 8.  Project treble should the equipment manufacturers that facilitate development of Android updates. According to the Internet Group is the “biggest changes the low level system architecture” since the introduction of the mobile operating system. Project treble is technically an interface for the manufacturer that sits between the Android OS framework and the device-specific low level software in the chip provider. It is made possible through the new vendor test suite (VST), conceptually similar to that of the compatibility test suite (CTS). The latter allows developers to create apps that will run on different hardware of from various device manufacturers.

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