Google I/o: Google launches public beta of Android O

Google a expected as public beta program for the upcoming version of its mobile operating system Android started. In addition the company opening its Developer Conference Google presented I/O other new features of Android O, including the support for the programming language Kotlin and security function play protect .

However, most of the beta program is restricted to a few Google devices. These include nexus 5 X, nexus 6 p, nexus player, C pixels, pixels and pixel XL. According to Google, it may be about 24 hours after a signing up for the beta program until the first preview version via OTA update is made available. Users who have installed an image of Android O downloaded from Google’s Developer Web site on their device, can get future updates over the air only after registration.

the language of Kotlin is now an integral part of Android factory Studio 3.0. According to Googles Stephanie Cuthbertson, Kotlin is fully compatible with the Android runtime and fully interoperable with existing program code. The Kotlin support also from now should be suitable for production use.

play protect new is also the safety function. She should better protect users from potential dangers in the play store. Here, Google relies on artificial intelligence and data that each day’s WINS of more than 50 billion scanned apps. “Play protect looking apps may be dancing on your device from the series, to protect you and other users of Android”, said in a blog post.

in addition, Android includes numerous optimizations O. Google according to smartphones to boot in the future in half of the time, what is achieved with extensive changes in the Android runtime.

a new AutoFill feature automatically suggests the appropriate credentials for downloads of apps on a new device. Thus, Google wants to facilitate the establishment of new devices. An intelligent text selection should also speed up copy-and-paste operations. A double click on a set of automatically selects the entire set. A tip on an address in turn marked them completely. Via machine learning Android O can recognize addresses as such and display appropriate suggestions via Google maps.


Android u: project treble to accelerate updates

is a manufacturer-interface to access low level software. It should spare device manufacturers chip-specific customizations. Project treble works only with devices that ship with Android O.

from 2018 is also a new Android version for devices with one gigabyte of memory or less available to device manufacturers. Android offers go Google as a package, consisting of operating system, Google play, and apps. The apps are optimized for use with low Internet brand width. Also the play store highlights this optimized apps – but any Android apps on Android-go devices can be installed.

Google called yesterday new figures on the spread of Android. The mobile operating system should run now worldwide on more than 2 billion active devices. 82 billion apps were downloaded in the last year about the play store. Android is also not only a Smartphone operating system, Dave Burke, Vice President of engineering for Android is emphasized. It should be installed on televisions, watches, laptops and vehicle information system. Android wear will, for example, now supported by 24 well-known watch brands worldwide – Android car find themselves in more than 300 vehicle models.


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