Google fights fake news in search results

Google changes to its search algorithm announced to restrict the dissemination of misleading messages and deliberate hoaxes. In a blog titled “More quality in Google search” Ben Gomes, Vice President of engineering, admits that correspond to searches, the approximately 0.25 percent of the daily Google traffic, “Clearly misleading and offensive content as search results are issued”. Better assessment methods and new algorithms to improve the quality of the content now.

 Google search (screenshot: a new policy for the quality rating search results to external partners make it easier to identify hoaxes, offensive results and”unverified conspiracy theories”and report. The directive also used to customize the algorithms and demote low quality content. A worse page ranking should also ensure that so called fake news get less attention.

Gomes is also called a concrete example that which should not recur. In December 2016 a search resulted in the site of a neo-Nazi group, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan with clear anti-Semitic content after the question “There was the Holocaust” as the first result. In the United States, the Holocaust denial is not punishable in itself and covered by the freedom of expression in contrast to Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and other countries.

Google also relies on the use of its users. New tools allow it, not only search results, but also search suggestions to evaluate. Also highlighted snippets also get a special feedback link, with the content as useful or just offensive and racist, or vulgar and sexist can be classified as.

the Google Manager but also explains why searches in circumstances with “Shocking or offensive material will be completed”. “The content displayed when auto-complete or in the snippets created by algorithms and feed content available from the searches of other users and the Internet. This is why there may be sometimes, unexpected, incorrect or offensive search results to be displayed.”

“each year enter trillion search queries on Google. And actually, 15% of daily search queries is completely new inputs. Us is”clear that our search results will never be perfect, Gomes added. It is but a matter to preserve the confidence of users in the Google search and other products of the company.

fake news are a problem not only for Google. Already in November 2016 chief Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook measures against false and misleading content . A new initiative comes also from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. With the Wikitribune he wants to create an independent and funded through Crowdfunding platform for “approved” messages.


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