Google expands Google app Google its mobile search application for has expanded with new shortcuts

Android and iOS, as well as the mobile version of to new shortcuts. They are displayed below the search box and will provide information to specific areas of interest to users outside of the Internet search. Initially, the new function is available but only to users in the United States available.

“With the shortcuts directly to the homescreen you have access to detailed information about sports, food and drink, entertainment and weather”, writes Tamar Yehoshua, Vice President of product management at Google, in a blog . “You want, whether you need a raincoat tomorrow? You want to retrieve the result of yesterday’s basketball game? Do you know what today’s evening television or who was nominated for best supporting actress? Do you do the shortcuts there.”

 shortcuts in the Google app (image: Google) the shortcuts but also inform about the programme, restaurants nearby, or news. On the basis of the recommendations of other users, it should be also possible to discover trendy restaurants. Sports scores can be sports and favourite teams filter.

already since the beginning of the week, a new search history in the Google app available in this country is users. Under the entry “Latest” in the menu of the app, users will find a collection of her recent searches with thumbnails of the results and the results of them clicked.

selected multiple results for a search term, the Google app combines them together to a page group. In the lower left corner, it will be also shown how many pages in this category have been saved. Clicking the icon opens the Group and displays a preview of each page. “

 the Google app informed well in detail about the recent searches (screenshot: the Google app informed well in detail about the recent searches (screenshot: The function should especially help users “to rediscover topics, after which you searched recently in the app”, it says in the manual that shows Google at the first call of “Latest”. Entries no longer required can be removed by wiping upwards – Google according to these searches remain still in the search history of the associated Google account.


open Telecom cloud: resources on demand

from Capex to Opex: turn companies just reinforced rigid investment costs in dynamic editions, which adapt to the business – IT capacity from the cloud, rather than from their own servers and be so flexible. Popularity: Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) from the open Telecom cloud.

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