Google closes critical security vulnerability in chrome

Google has updated its browser chrome to 57.0.2987.133 version. This update resolves five vulnerabilities, which the company classifies one as critical. The highest risk level awards Google very rarely and only for vulnerabilities that allow an attacker to inject malicious code and run outside the sandbox. A similar vulnerability was eliminated in February 2016 Google last .

 chrome (image: Google) is the current critical gap in the print function of your browser. Specifically, it is a use-after-free bug, the French security researchers has discovered Wadih Matar . The reward for Matar amounted to 9337 dollars.

Google to Nicolas Trippar of Zimperium Labs for a heap buffer overflow in the JavaScript engine V8 paid

more 3000 dollars. High risk go forth from this bug. Same classification applies to a security leak in the Browserengine of flasher, which the researchers found JeongHoon Shin. His work rewarded Google with $1000.

in addition, Google stuffs another hole in blink, that an anonymous researcher has reported. The update fixes but also an out-of-bounds memory access in V8. This vulnerability reported the team sniper of the Chinese security provider Tencent security originally subsidiary of trend micro zero day initiative – but not in the recent Pwn2Own hacker competition. Still, Google has not set the premiums for the anonymous researcher and team sniper.

X and Linux available

chrome 57.0.2987.133 for Windows, Mac OS. The update should are automatically distributed via the update function to all users of the Google browser in the coming days. Maybe a browser restart is required to complete of the installation. The new release can be downloaded also from the Google Web site.


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