Google Assistant: SDK allows integration in hardware

Google has released a software developer kit for his digital assistant Google Assistant. The SDK is available as a developer preview first and to enable the integration of voice-driven Wizard in different hardware. As examples, Google mentions a homemade toy robots, a smart wall mirror or automatic cocktail blender.

the Google Assistant SDK allows to record a spoken request such as: “What dates are for in my calendar?” It goes on to the Google-Assistant service which returns an audio response. As a simple platform for hardware prototyping, Google sets the single board computer raspberry PI 3 close, but also numerous other platforms should find support.

(Bild: Google)

Google Assistant as the successor to Google now is based on the knowledge base knowledge graph and intended to make a by machine learning always useful. He can answer questions and do things for the user. The service should also develop as an open ecosystem and be open to developers on Google actions can create. A Google +-page aimed at developers, the exchange ideas want. The wizard was introduced

in first with Google home, the Messenger Allo and pixel-smartphones. Later he was also available for Smartphones that with 7.0 nougat or Android 6.0 Marshmallow run Android. Also Smartwatches with Android wear 2.0 integrate Google Assistant. The integration of the Sprachassisten was announced in January in addition to television, Streamingboxen and car infotainment systems – initially only for the US market. The Google Assistant to compete in this area with the rival Alexa and Siri. “Our goal is to make widely available the Assistant, where you need it,” it said.

with the SDK presentation wants to the Internet Group apparently motivate third-party manufacturers to integrate the digital assistants in their own hardware for consumers. “If you are interested in using the Google Assistant to create a commercial product, then please contact us and contact”, encouraging Google Product Manager potential manufacturing partners in a blog . This formulation suggests however, that there are conditions where interested manufacturers have to agree.

already in the last year was reported by Google’s talks with electronic equipment manufacturers. Third-party could imagine first consumer products with Google Assistant according to variety in the summer 2017.


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