Google Assistant finally comes to iOS

 Google Assistant on iPhone

today Google launched their three-day Google I/O 2017 event and, among other things, has announced many of its innovations and one of them is that will finally get to iOS Google Assistant , your virtual voice Assistant.

what is the Google I/o?

Google, just as you do with your WWDC Apple, has your event in which explain the technophiles and the press in general, new to Android and the rest of their property systems.

 Google I/O 2017 Logo Google I/O 2017

among its innovations today same have announced that Google Assistant could reach our iPhone during the day of today (could take a few hours more to extend outside the United States).

what is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is the Assistant of the Alphabet group company . As Siri we have in iOS and Microsoft have Cortana, Google now Wizard’s voice has its own.

so far Google Assistant was only available to the most powerful Android devices on the market: Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8, Moto X, Sony Xperia XZ or LG G5 among other smartphones. The fact that this wizard finally reach iOS means that all smartphone users, regardless of the operating system that we use can use it.

you can download Google Assistant at the App Store . For now, we can only enjoy this wizard’s voice through Allo the app Google Messaging and exclusively in English. The wizard’s voice will be available in the language of Cervantes in a few months, some rumors are running that towards the end of the year.

what can we do with this new wizard?

official blog from Google in Spanish we can find more detailed information about this new application and functionality. Among others we report that:

can plan activities : now, just type @Google in the chat’s of Allo you have with your friends and ask for suggestions for activities you can do with them. In addition, we can find out the location of the site in question, without having to leave the application.

we can get answers : can ask directly when an event or the latest news on it.

are you boring? : you can interact with the wizard asking you to tell you something funny or if you fancy a game you can play Pac-Man or emojis-based games.

tea will help organize you : you can ask the Assistant that you put an alarm for an event specifically or remind you that you have to pick up that order in post.

 Google Assistant Google Assistant answering our questions

Why use Google Assistant instead of Siri?

in the first place, and like many we will do, it will be to try and see something new. Secondly, this wizard is available to many more devices and integrates with other services such as Spotify, über, Netflix or Youtube among others.

Siri is perfectly integrated with iOS and will be very difficult to lose the battle . In fact, Google Now, nor nor Cortana Alexa have managed to compete with Siri. In addition, since you are now available Access SDK to developers is very difficult to find an alternative to Siri suitable to run on iOS . In particular, Google Assistant think that it will be perfect for Android devices and an anecdote more for iOS devices.

 Google Assistant Google Assistant in Spanish on an Android device

you now you say, do you think you’re going to try this new virtual assistant of Google? do you think that it has any chance to compete with Siri? Do you think that it should be an Allo-independent application? Leave us your opinion and experience with this virtual assistant in the comments box.

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