Google Assistant comes to copyleft Hardware thanks to their SDK

 Google Assistant

the last week we have known some interesting news for many lovers of the free Hardware, the existence of a virtual assistant that could create thanks to a Raspberry Pi plate and Google software.

this has made the magazine The MagPi run out of stock, but has also had other more positive impact on the world of free Hardware. The work of Google has made it is believed an SDK with Google Assistant.

many may ask you what is an SDK? an SDK it can be defined as a software development kit. In this case, the SDK for Google Assistant would be a Google Assistant development kit.

a kit that will not only create applications that work with this software but you can also use it on other platforms that is not Raspberry Pi. So Google Assistant reach Odroid, Orange Pi or BeagleBone Black among others.

we can also do that plates such as Arduino to connect to this virtual assistant and even make use of it. So we just go to the official website of the SDK and download it. A free and fast process for all.

this SDK works with Python so we only need that the hardware in question is compatible with this programming language, something that the majority of the plates meet perfectly. The use of Google Assistant and this SDK is free but if we want to use it commercially, we talk with Google to do so.

Google is following the footsteps made by Amazon with Alexa something which benefits all users of the free Hardware, but Google Assistant and Alexa are not the only ‘free’ virtual assistants that we can have our Hardware. Although we must recognize that if they are virtual attendees easier to use do not you think?

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