Google +-app: location sharing widget is missing in the new version of

without further reasons, has Google the location sharing widget Google +-deleted app. It is no longer available with the just-updated version of 9.11. According to indignantly are the reactions of the users. After all, the Widget, which officially referred to with Google + user locations, can reactivate again about how to install of the previous version 9.10.

 Google + 9.11 without location sharing widget (image: with version 9.11 of Google + is the location sharing widget no longer available. To continue to use it, you have to delete the new version and the older Google +-install app 9.10 (image:

it is not the first time that stretches the wrath of users to Google. It hired the original service location sharing, Google latitude, 2013, without mentioning details, for the benefit of Google +. At that time, it has been suggested the step should help attract new users for Google’s social network. A few weeks ago Google + shares the same fate as latitude. The service available now in Google Maps . The Google +-Widget could still be used. Now the US group without further notice has deleted the location sharing widget in Google +, unless it is a substitute, such as maps, available.

Google +-location sharing widget continue to use

users who wish to continue using the location sharing Widget, need the current Google +-app delete and reinstall the old version 9.10. Since this is not possible from the official store of the play, remains only the detour via an alternative store. To install an app from a third party such as APK mirror device under Settings – Security must be enabled on the option “Unknown sources” Android . After the installation, you should deactivate this setting again.

to avoid future updates to the app and the associated discontinuation of location sharing widgets, automatic updating of applications is advisable in the play store to disable.


  • Google + 9.10 for Android with location sharing widget (source: APK mirror )

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