Give ‘Caffeine’ to your Mac to not fall asleep

the MacBook have a great battery capacity and above all due to the ability of suspended, when they are not plugged into power. There are occasions in which do not want that our device between suspended, so there are applications that allow us to leave the “awake” device with a single click: today we present you Caffeine .

Caffeine, the small application that keeps your Mac awake

this small application, as its creators describe it only has a function: prevent our MacBook at rest . When installed it a coffee cup icon appears in the top bar of your computer. When this icon is “filled with coffee” our device shall never enter into rest . If on the contrary, it is empty our Mac enters sleep while we have indicated in the system preferences. We can fill or empty Cup with a simple click.

 description of Caffeine

are you one of those who say ‘I turn off the rest from the system preferences’?

if it is true that Apple does not leave us in the lurch and have the option to disable the rest from the preferences of our computer, but it is as quick and easy as clicking on an icon on your desktop?  Honestly, I recommend at least give him a chance to Caffeine, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. It is totally free and you can download it from here . To my surprise, at the time of the writing of this article Caffeine is no longer available in the App Store for Mac but you can download and install easily from any link that we find on the web or that you have left a little higher.

 logo of Caffeine Logo of Caffeine Amphetamine

a very interesting alternative for users demanding

to be an App so small it has stopped receiving support on Mac and some can be more detailed in terms of appearance, since it has perhaps been very little in keeping with the general aesthetics of the Mac. Even so, you still recommending that you try it. Anyway, in the event that does not like you download applications that do not come from the App Store for Mac, here you have some very good alternatives.

Amphetamine, the even more complete alternative to Caffeine.  basically, this application does all that Caffeine makes but a goes somewhat beyond. You can set the activation of your device at certain times, so turned off in others. In addition, can be disabled automatically when our Mac battery very low and thus permit you to rest. Even so, at the time that your computer is connected to the current is reactivated automatically.  It can download for free here .


and you how control to your computer is not suspended? Do you know about these alternatives to maintain the active team? Leave us your experiences and opinions in the reviews below box. We will be happy to read you!

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