Germany received 85 percent of its electricity from sources renewable

while some Governments are still betting on traditional sources for «troubleshooting» their energy, Germany set a new national record on April 30. The 85% of electricity consumed during the noon in that country was generated through renewable energy deploying a formidable combo solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass. The following passage of his energy plan is to initiate the withdrawal of nuclear plants in 2022, and reproduce this percentage on a daily basis by 2030.

are more and more regions are seeing the energy market with a strategy of abundance, and no shortage. The key lies in an accelerated adoption of renewable technologies, whose costs don’t stop falling. Recently talked about solar cells exceeded 26 percent of efficiency and monsters like Vestas V164 of 9 MW turbine but an advanced energy plan does not place all their eggs in one basket, but makes use of all the alternatives at your fingertips. One of the strongest examples is found in Germany which closed April beating a new national record of generation.

days as of April 30 will be increasingly common for the electrical system German

in accordance with Patrick Graichen director of Agora Energiewende, plants based on coal hardly operated during the Sunday, April 30, and the collaboration of the nuclear power plants was minimal, while the renewable network covered 85% of the demand between the 13 and the 15 hours. A combination of clear skies and good wind helped to achieve that percentage, to such a point that the market established temporarily negative prices to compensate. Graichen said that inflexible power plants no longer have nothing more than look in the electrical system and they must accept greater losses, which at the same time «ruins» the tariff table.

it is estimated that the first step to correct that will be in 2022, when Germany initiates the removal of its nuclear plants (una respuesta directa ael desastre de Fukushima) . Graichen said that as of April 30 days will be “completely normal” toward the year 2030, but it will only be possible with a strong public and political support [19459003-](que hoy existe).

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