German developers complain about low pay

52% of the developers in Germany feel underpaid and wish for a better remuneration of their work. This is the result of a not representative survey stack overflow under 5221 German developers. 11.6 percent of respondents are even of the opinion that her salary would have to be significantly higher.

(Bild: Shutterstock) what the developer fasten the dissatisfaction with their pay, but not apparent from the study. A regional or international comparison provides a possible reason. Therefore, there is a North-South divide in this country. While developers in southern Germany per year earning 50,000 euros, developer in Northern Germany with 45,000 euros to settle. The East (including Berlin) also reached a higher value than the North with 49.200 euro. The average salary of a developer but in 87.275 dollars, which corresponds to EUR 80.800 is located in North America.

stack overflow draws attention also to industry-specific differences. Developers who are engaged in machine learning or mathematical or statistical areas, obtain an average annual salary of 55,000 and 52,000 euros, respectively. Web – and desktop developers – the largest group among the German survey participants – go home with an average of 46,000 to 47,000 euros. Designer form with 39,000 euros last year.

Nevertheless, 49.3 percent of the developers rated their job with seven or eight out of ten possible points. 9 percent responded actively to look for a new job. 59.4 percent were also open for a change. Stack overflow sees a great opportunity for companies to attract new employees. From abroad, 13 percent of those surveyed open faced job offers.

developers who are looking for a new job, set according to the survey, in particular value on professional development opportunities, technologies and the working environment. Then, the salary when deciding on a change of the workplace plays a role. Also make sure developers on home Office -regulations, the number of paid vacation days and the number of hours per week.

developers who fill the role of recruiters in a company, however, attach great importance to communication skills and independent work. That is more important than specific expertise or a university education to them. The latter coincides with a statement from 93 percent of German respondents. You have taught their skills at least partly own.

the participants surveyed for the most popular programming languages. 41.3 percent indicated that JavaScript like them the most, followed by Python (32.7%), Java (31.4 percent), SQL (30.5 percent) and c# (27.3 percent). 77 percent program also in their free time, whether for own or open source projects.


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