General Electric Announces an investment of EUR 100 million in 3D printing

 General Electric

many are multinational companies that are interested in doing that 3D printing grows for towards a particular sector of the market to get not only their interests, but literally to be owners of certain technologies , patent, you get to make lots of money in the not-too-distant future.

this is the case of General Electric a giant estaodunidense related to the world of energy that has decided to go by 3D printing. Thanks to this we know their movements related to the acquisition of several European companies, or as it has been announced recently, investment of 100 million euros to create a new production center in Lichtenfels, Germany.

general Electric has nearly 1,500 million euros invested in 3D printing.

thanks to all these movements, today General Electric dominates two of the cinto existing 3D metal printing technologies, specifically the additive manufacturing of metal powders and that uses electrons. As detail, let know you that the true idea of the company is to have a key role in each of the five current technologies and even in any other activities that may arise with the passage of time.

if we put a little all this General Electric plan, as has commented Mohammad Ehteshami Chief of Additive Manufacturing for American multinational, we see that at present the company already has invested around 1,500 million dollars in 3D printing technologies in the past decade.

according to statements Mohammad Ehteshami :

always are studying possibilities inorganic and organic… Estrategiamente, there are inorganic games that nonsense would be to not use.

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