Games for mobile of the week (16/03/17)

excellent games for mobile this week, since a child tribute to the classic Monkey Island, until a platform game that has a ball of goo as the protagonist. More? King Rabbit and Quaser One among other things.

Goo Saga : in this side-scrolling platform game control a small ball of inflatable goo that escapes from a laboratory and sets off in search of its creator. It is quite obvious from the beginning how much care has been put into Goo Saga especially when it comes to ball control texture. The goo can inflate and deflate either to bounce between walls or passing in tight spaces, respectively. The levels are really challenging with traps and hidden dangers. You can complete levels in three degrees of difficulty to collect crystals, which allows at the same time improve the skills of the goo, the later levels are easier. Developed by Toka Loka Games, Goo Saga is available in systems Android and iOS .

Human Resource Machine : from the creators of Little Inferno (and set in the same world) becomes Human Resource Machine a game that assigned you the use of basic programming to do housework. It is quite easy to understand the game, but it will really make you think about the best order to automate a task. Without a doubt this title is intended for fans of programming, since they have to solve various puzzles to advance level. And, of course, there is a wonderfully sinister story that develops as the game progresses. Developed by Tomorrow Corporation, Human Resource Machine is available in systems Android and iOS .

Jake & Elena in Monkey Island (free game) : despite its name, Jake & Elena in Monkey Island has nothing to do with the classic graphic adventure LucasArts. It’s a puzzle game focusing on the smaller players, which should help the pirate Jake and Elena to get the treasure on the island of monkeys. For that they have to go, solving the most entertaining puzzles of pirates, until you reach the famous island that gives name to the game. No doubt it is an educational game that counts with the participation of celebrities such as Barbarossa, Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook. Developed by The city of the apps, Jake & Elena in Monkey Island is available exclusively on systems Android .

puzzle game very simple to solve for children

King Rabbit (free game) : Furdemption is a platform puzzle pretty solid so that its sequel, King Rabbit does not need much change at all. The game is still excellent, moving around a map top down while you try to figure out how to reach the goal without dying. However, this new installment has been adjusted slightly so that the difficulty curve is a little softer, so it’s a much more balanced and easy to use experience. Rescue rabbits of the enemies and enjoy the new option to design your own levels. Developed by RareSloth Games, King Rabbit iOS is available exclusively on systems.

Quaser One : If you ever have imagined you as captain of spacecraft, Quaser One is the ideal game… Although not in the way that you think. It is a little Out There but instead of focusing on the management of resources, Quaser One is more about the realization of critical repairs to the ship before something breaks. The complexity involved in maintaining the ship alive and functional one same is the core of the game. Observe gauges and monitor carefully the resources and maintaining the breath in the middle of the space is relentless. Developed by Kodsay, Quaser One is available in systems Android and iOS .

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