Galaxy S8: Service companies enjoy

with S8 of the Galaxy and the Galaxy S8 + has Samsung two unquestionably beautiful smartphones in the program. But the old saying “Beauty has its price” seems to apply in this case. And thus are not relatively high purchase prices. Rather, the rimless display of the devices in a crash seems faster to break than traditional Smartphone screens.

 square trade: Galaxy S8 achieved a medium high risk in terms of fragility (image: square trade)

while the Samsung smartphones at the bad cut drop test of Stiftung Warentest American service companies come to similar results. In the test of square trade a major U.S. service provider, the two Samsung devices with a medium-high fragility of 77 and 76 out of 100 possible points cut significantly worse than the previous which classify the tester with a medium risk with values of 5 and 6 out of 10 points.

as an owner of a repair shop opposite motherboard for the record, the prices for corresponding spare parts are however relatively cheap. The purchase price for a display should be cheaper thus with $200 between 50 and 100 dollar as still in the Galaxy S7 models and iPhone 7. In German service company, the replacement of the display when the Galaxy S8 between costs 300 euros and 350 Euro .

in the practice is likely less play a role the fragility of both Samsung Galaxy S8 models, because most smartphone users use for enhanced protection with a cover. Anyone who rejects such for aesthetic reasons, should deal very carefully with the new Galaxy-S8 smartphones and avoid crashes the device.

 Galaxy 8: led cover (image: Samsung) Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + respond to falls relatively sensitive. In Germany, the replacement of the display currently costs between 300 and 350 euro. It is therefore advisable to use of a cover (image: Samsung).

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