Galaxy S8: Samsung DeX in the practice test

with the docking station DeX transformed the Samsung -smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8 of Galaxy to base stations from desktop workstations. DeX provides a full HD HDMI monitor, mouse, keyboard, and Ethernet network connections.

alone from a Smartphone connect of this peripheral is still no Office workplace. To succeed, the integrated in the Galaxy-S8 models and optimized for use on large monitors surface provides. Also it is called DeX. DeX is a hardware – and software-based solution.

 Samsung DeX: components and surface (image: Samsung)

performance: Galaxy S8 in desktop mode

the suspenseful question this concept is of course: the performance of the Galaxy S8 is sufficient to ensure a liquid operation in desktop mode. This question can be answered with “Yes”. This is because that the resolution is full HD, so 1920 x 1080 pixels, maximum in desktop mode DeX on the external monitor. The processor of the Galaxy S8 Exynos 8895 must back so not more pixels and push as in normal mode, if no monitor is connected. On the contrary: on the Smartphone, the resolution can be up to 2960 times 1440 pixels and thus much greater requirements than the full-HD desktop resolution to the processor.

 Galaxy S8 Geekbench (screenshot:

However the performance of the Galaxy S8 reached not those of a standard notebook with Intel -processor. The test comes chrome at the speedometer benchmark on a notebook with core m3 7Y30 to a value of 98.7, while the Google -browser on the Galaxy S8 scored just over 40.

but that does not necessarily mean, that the Intel processor is inherently more efficient. While he can keep the Exynos 8895 in the Galaxy S8, obtained a value of 1982 points, also at the Geekbench test in the single-core area with a value of 3262 points at a distance, must give up but in the multi CPU test with 5928 points versus 6496 points this.

as mentioned at the beginning, there’s nothing a total performance to expose. Even if several applications are open, as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and an image editor can be operated the system liquid. It is also clear that the solution is not necessarily intended for compute-intensive applications. But the platform offers enough power for typical Office tasks.

despite a built-in fan is barely heard the docking station in operation. Not even if the Galaxy S8 with compute-intensive Progrmamen like benchmarks is brutalized. Only after a restart of the Smartphones the fan speed increases briefly, so that it is audible-audible.

DeX surface for efficient operation of the Galaxy S8 Samsung has changed the surface of Android . Ultimately you will navigate very quickly as Windows users. The interface includes a taskbar you can pin applications to the and a notification Center.

 Samsung DeX: interface similar to Windows 10 (image: Samsung)

leftmost three buttons located on the taskbar. If you click on the first one from the left, opens a window that shows the installed applications on the Galaxy S8 in alphabetical order. Click on the middle button opens an overview including preview window of the most recently used applications. The right button allows for the display of the desktop. If you click on them, all open programs in the taskbar in the form of small program icons zoom out. Moving the mouse over this a down-scaled preview window will be shown.

 Samsung DeX: installed applications (image:

be subsequent direction Centre

as under Windows the right side of the taskbar serves as notification area. There are icons for calendar, search, screenshot, sound, keyboard, Quick Launch bar, battery, network connection, and Bluetooth. In addition, symbols for incoming notifications appear to the left, being limited their number to four. The tray bar allows to also shrink. Then, only two icons for notifications are shown, where the dotted starts the notification Center. Also some icons from the notification area are covered in the scaled-down appearance.

 Samsung DeX: System tray and notification Centre (screenshot:


the Galaxy S8 offers a real multi-tasking in conjunction with DeX. A video is played, for example, also then, when at the same time used a further CPU-intensive application. But the simultaneous play of two videos is not working. Even if two different applications are used.

 Samsung DeX: multitasking in desktop mode (screenshot:

you change applications

how change in Windows using the keyboard shortcut + applications open in the browser. Alternatively, also the middle button can be used left on the taskbar. You know other keyboard shortcuts from Windows, such as + to create a picture.

 Samsung DeX: task-switching (screenshot:

Samsung DeX: connections

the cradle connection options are not perfect. The two USB interfaces support only version 2.0. Thus be thwarted USB 3.0 hard drives like the Samsung portable SSD T3 . 3.1 ports would be desirable for high-performance portable SSD storage solutions in any case USB connection.

the sound output is problematic. You is by default by the speaker of the phone because the audio signal via HDMI to the monitor not routed. Also, the headphone jack is unusable by inserting the Galaxy S8 in the DeX docking station.

 Samsung DeX: audio output over 5200 Plantronics Voyager uc (image: Plantronics)

this limitation can be solved by using a Bluetooth headset, so you can take calls. The coupling and operation Voyager 5200 uc easily works with the Plantronics model used for the test. For the answer, you can take the S8 in the Galaxy but also from the docking station. The call is accepted this without delay.

in addition, DeX supports only full HD monitors. This may be no problem for the use in companies, where rarely used display with a higher resolution. For private users, using monitors with higher resolutions such as 4K-Modelle, the use of the Galaxy S8 in conjunction with DeX is not an option.

 Samsung DeX: App modes (image: Samsung)

conclusion: Samsung DeX with Galaxy S8

the possibility to use the Galaxy S8 in desktop mode is well managed despite a few limitations. Windows users will need virtually no settling-in period. The main controls are located there, where you will also see the Microsoft OS.

is lacking somewhat still in support of apps. But the previous offer are already very well cope with typical Office activities. As DeX-apps, for example, the popular are programs Word, Excel, and PowerPoint including Skype and OneDrive Office .

 Samsung DeX: access to Windows Remote Desktop (image:

business users who require access to a large number of Windows based applications can use access from Amazon WorkSpaces on another desktop operating systems and applications. By Citrix and VMware to provide such solutions also soon’s.

for home users access to the Windows PC is currently restricted. The remote desktop tool Microsoft offers no customizable window size. For the same reason, TeamViewer QuickSupport is still not suitable for the operation of the DeX.

of course capable of felling still no final decision on the new Samsung platform after a few days use of DeX. But one thing can be said now: the cost is managed and whets the appetite for more. The longing to GDP after the desktop computer anyway. For more information