Galaxy S8: fingerprint sensor integrated In the display market not ready

Samsung was apparently one fingerprint sensor in the display of his flagship smartphones S8 and S8 + embed. The Korean manufacturer worked with Synaptics on a solution for this, but despite large financial commitment the technology in time proved to be to the market launch of the new models operational.

in order to gain space on the front, Samsung shifted the fingerprint sensor on the back next to the camera. LED Flash and pulse sensor are positioned left of the camera. A dual-camera system had previously leaked images of S8 prototype, however, back and fingerprint sensor placed not also shown. Samsung’s current processor of Exynos 8895 also supports a dual-camera configuration.

 Galaxy S8 (image: Samsung)

the explanation for the compromise of a rear fingerprint reader supplied the Korean publication the investor even before the launch of Galaxy S8. “Samsung has put considerable resources in Synaptics technology last year, but the results were frustrating,” she was told by an industry insider. “With the upcoming production the company had to decide at the last minute, with fingerprint reader on the back of the device to move the home button.”

associated but several disadvantages. Some users annoyed about if they only need to make a device placed on the table in the hand to unlock it. Many also fear to leave fingerprints on the camera lens also accidentally.

auch Apple wants to replace apparently the fingerprint scanner in its present form. While the iPhone maker thinks on the one hand of a 3D laser scanner on the front for a facial recognition – but also keep in mind to hide the fingerprint scanner on the glass surface of the display. Should succeed in something like iPhone in the next 8, could Apple the Korean competitors steal the show.

“it is extremely difficult to develop transparent sensors and components, its screen occupies the whole front for use in a Smartphone”, cited the investor to the skeptical representatives of Korean display manufacturer who does not believe in an early implementation by Apple. “If these technologies are fully developed, then that would be a big step forward within the Smartphonebranche.”

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