Galaxy S8: Extradition may security patch starts

according to Sammobile Samsung began to deliver the may security updates for the Galaxy S8. First, users in India about the patches can enjoy. With over 600 MB, the update is quite large, and may include further features as only the security update. However no further details yet exist to do so.

 Galaxy S8: may patches (image: Sammobile) in India, Samsung provides the may security updates for Galaxy S8. in early May had numerous critical Android -Schwachstellen closed (source: Sammobile ). numerous serious gaps in Android

Google had concluded early may . In the Android security bulletin for may 2017 called details about the vulnerabilities of Android developers.  Particularly serious a is critical vulnerability that allows remote code execution in various ways including email, Web browsing and MMS in the handling of media files on affected devices. Google explains, however, that so far received no reports of active exploitation of the now revealed vulnerabilities. The bulletin again grouped the security patches in two levels, to allow manufacturing partners the flexible and rapid elimination of vulnerabilities that occur on all Android devices in a similar way.

as critically classified in the security patch level 1 may 2017 continues to be a flaw in the Framework APIs through which a local malicious application could obtain higher permissions. It is therefore dangerous, because go to allow general safeguards, isolate application data to other applications.

Galaxy S8: when information devices from the roof region which may updates

timing of the may-updates for devices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland’s official No. Usually, Galaxy models get the update from Vodafone in Germany first. Anyway, that was the case in the past when the updates for Galaxy S7 models . Also these are more frequent with security updates supplied as, for example, devices of the Telekom or 1 & 1 from this reason some users on their Galaxy-S7 smartphones the Vodafone firmware Flash. like a regular updating is important an operating system, has seen WannaCry attack on the .

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