Galaxy S8: Camera compared to iPhone 7 plus and previous generation has other smartphones

Samsung the technique of main camera in the Galaxy S8 compared to the Galaxy S7 as well as any changes made. Both models offer a 12-megapixel sensor identical size with a f/1.7 aperture. When the Galaxy S8 Samsung however has improved signal processing, which should provide benefits in low light conditions.

the new technique identifies the manufacturer with “ multi frame processing “. While an image is made up of three shots, which is based on the best. The two additional shots to eliminate blurring. The result is to provide more details, less noise, and clearer contours. Allows this technique by more powerful processors. Comes in variants delivered in Europe Exynos 8895 used, while for US models Samsung Snapdragon 835 used.

 camera: Galaxy S8 compared to the S7 edge (image: XEETECHCARE) camera: Galaxy S8 compared to the S7 edge (image: XEETECHCARE )

Google a similar technique used in the pixel and occupied the prestigious camera test DxOMark rank 1 among the tested smartphones with 89 points currently . The Galaxy S7 edge reaches 88 points in this test and is together with the HTX 10 and Samsung in the Galaxy S8 at the hardware changes made the Sony Xperia X performance on rank 2

the Selfie camera. You now has a resolution of 8 Megapixels, which is a significant improvement compared to the previous version in the S7 with five-megapixel.

the YouTube videos published in recent days convey a good image of the new camera technology in the Galaxy S8. IPhone 7 serve as comparison with other Galaxy S7 edge, plus and pixel XL.

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