Galaxy S8: Bixby does not support any language commands

to the market launch, only users in Germany, to the launch of the Galaxy S8 at some of Samsung without announced features of digital assistants Bixby. On CNET United States the Korean company confirmed that initially no voice commands may take Bixby to start, for example, apps or similar Samsung S voice to make calls or send SMS.

 Galaxy S8 (image: Samsung) ‘key features of Bixby and reminder, vision, home will be available to the worldwide launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 on April 21. Bixby voice will be in the United States on the Galaxy S8 in the course of the spring available”, the Korean company said. Wall Street Journal wants to have experienced the delivery of language function could delay until May.

is one of the central function of the eighth generation of Galaxy S actually

Bixby. The wizard builds on artificial intelligence and deep learning even has an own hardware button on the left side of the housing. He should solve the problem of more complex as interfaces according to Samsung. “Technology should make your life actually easier, but because the capabilities of devices such as Smartphones, PCs, home appliances, and IoT are becoming more diverse devices, the control surfaces are too complicated for users to simply be able to use many of these features” Samsung explained to the notion of Bixby late March.

apps supported by Bixby, can be almost entirely operated according to Samsung even without touch input. But Bixby voice voice control is needed. In contrast to Samsung S voice and the wizard of Google Microsoft and Apple should they not on predefined voice commands to be assigned. “Bixby will be smart enough to understand commands with incomplete information and perform tasks to the best of our knowledge, then ask users to provide more information, and to do the job bit by bit”, Samsung announced in March.

why Bixby to the launch of Galaxy S8 and S8 + in the USA can handle no voice commands, is not known. May delay the localization of the wizard. This is at least the reason that Bixby in Germany is only limited work to start. “The full functionality of Bixby is are expected to 2017 from the 4th quarter in Germany available”, it says support document in a .

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