Galaxy S8: Bixby button launches Google Assistant

before the official market launch boffins have found a way to start Google Assistant instead of Samsung’s digital wizards Bixby Bixby side button on the Galaxy S8 . Thus, responded the comments of first tester, who assigned to see the dedicated button of prefer Google’s Wizard more of, the the current Android version already comes with.

 Galaxy S8 (image: Samsung)

argued that under other Marques Brownlee whose testing retrieve millions of times on YouTube. Although he was completely amazed by the Galaxy S8, he advised Samsung to duplicate what is already good and longer Google not always everything. He even promised “$$$” that provides an app for the remapping of the Bixby button to the Google Assistant first.

such a possibility does not provide

Samsung itself. Obviously, it aims to promote the use of its own digital assistant is also not exclusively intended for the S8 devices. The Korean manufacturer wants to make available to Bixby on other smartphones and other device classes.

already little later should however show that a remapping using an a third-party app available at Google play is possible. Requires redirection, all-in-one gestures is the free application .

as it is so that something is difficult to establish the remapping XDA developers a released detailed step for step Guide . The procedure at a branch was tested by T-Mobile USA, as Samsung’s new flagship in the United States is not currently available. Who prefers to associate the Bixby button in this way, for example, Google now.

Bixby to solve the problem of the new features ever more complex user interfaces with artificial intelligence and deep learning . In Europe Bixby is not available however still launch of Galaxy S8 and S8 + to .

according to Samsung Bixby is only a first step towards a new operating concept for smartphones. If an application is capable of Bixby, the Assistant to support nearly every function of this application, which otherwise runs via touch control. Also, Bixby in the position should be to understand how an application is used to assist the user in its ongoing activities. That will enable users in turn to go, instead of following rigid specifications of the wizard at any time between voice and classic touch input.

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