Galaxy S8 and S8 plus: Samsung boosts pre-orders in the U.S.

Samsung eighth generation of its Galaxy S series has received claims in the United States more pre-orders for the as for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. A spokesman of the company according to the number of devices sold prior to the official start of the market increased significantly. “The pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 and S8 plus in the United States exceed the Galaxy S7, S7 edge with a strong double-digit growth,” said a spokesman for the Korean company.

 Galaxy S8 (image: Samsung) the speaker, however, no information made to the actual sales figures. In its home market Samsung should have deposed 550.00 units according to South Korean media only two days . This should correspond to almost triple the amount of note 7 in the same period has been pre-ordered in the Galaxy. Compared with the Galaxy-S7 models the number even by a factor of 5.5 should have increased.

like in South Korea decided apparently also in the United States the most customers for the larger Galaxy S8 plus. The most popular color is Midnight Black. As in Germany, the two smartphones are also additionally available in the colours of Arctic Silver and Orchid gray. In contrast to Germany, US pre-order get at least if you buy in Samsung’s online store – the Galaxy S8 with a free gear VR controller.

in the United States, the Galaxy S8 series comes on April 21 in the trade. The pre-orders are delivered however starting April 18. This date is regarded in this country, although new flagship smartphones will be available Samsung’s only from April 28 at German retailers on the shelves.

benefit also from the outset by Samsung’s new digital assistant Bixby

US buyers. German customers must wait, however, until the fourth quarter, until a localized version is being offered. This emerges updated support document from Samsung Germany at least one last on April 6. It says: “The complete functionality of Bixby is expected from the 4th quarter of 2017 in Germany are available.” DISPLAY

wireless networking: free ride for vehicles of the next generation of

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