Galaxy S7: Sales increase Galaxy S7 on 55 million pieces of

Samsung last year flaggschiffe and Galaxy S7 edge have sold over 55 million copies 2016 investor which refers to a new report from strategy analyst, according to a report by the since the market launch.

 Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge will receive update on Android 7.0 nougat (image: Samsung) 7.2 million units of the two Galaxy-S7 models were sold in the first quarter alone 2017. In total, Samsung has sold 92 million phones, including 80 million smartphones. Thus, Samsung achieved a proportion of the Smartphonemarkt by 23 percent according to strategy analyst.

favors the good sales were through price cuts and Bundleangebote. In this country, there were some discounts in the recent past. Mid March buyer could enjoy certain Samsung televisions via a free Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge. Over Easter, Media Markt had the models for 399 and 499 euros in the offer. Sales start in April 2016, the S7 smartphones cost still 699 / 799 euros.

Galaxy S8: record for pre-orders

not only the old Samsung models are at the customers highly popular. Although the successors each 100 euros more expensive are Galaxy S8 and S8 Galaxy + than the previous models, the manufacturer listed a new pre-order record, which surpasses that of the Galaxy-S7 models by 30 percent according to its own figures.

also the future development of Samsung’s Smartphonesparte analysts see as positive. You expect that the Galaxy S8 will achieve higher sales figures in the first year than its predecessor Galaxy S7. “We believe that the S8 series will definitely be a strong flagship for Samsung and will help to win back market share,” said therefore the counter point analyst Tom Kang. The completely redesigned iPhone 8 case although a risk for Samsung, which rated 7 in the past year have deletion of the Galaxy but also to a shift of in demand for Samsung smartphones. “These two factors balance out.”

the South Korean Group good business performance is reflected in its share price. While the paper was available a year ago still for less than 400 euros, it cost over 723 euros.

 Samsung share price may 2017 (screenshot:


Galaxy S8: Samsung DeX in the practice test

with the docking station DeX to forget Galaxy-S8 users nothing less than conventional computers. The ZDNet practice test shows whether succeed or longing you get after a few minutes after his previous desktop system.

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