Galaxy S7: Android 7 manually with Vodafone firmware flashing

 Galaxy S7: equipment of Vodafone get updates relatively quickly (screenshot: Galaxy S7 users who have purchased your device from Vodafone, received in this country as the first of the current security patches and operating system upgrades. This shows the experience of the last few months. While for Galaxy-S7 models sold by Vodafone update to Android 7 Telekom customers already since end of January will be offered, get only since mid-April update. And not only that: the Telekom and her daughter Congstar displaced Galaxy models had previously for months also no current security patches received. They dated before update on Android 7 to 1.11.2016.

it is to assume that Vodafone fastest delivers security updates and operating system updates in the future. For all Galaxy S7 users who want a fast delivery of updates, therefore a change on the Vodafone firmware is advisable. Galaxy-S7 users, who have so far still no update on Android 7, are likely to care also for a change on the Vodafone firmware especially since you can switch easily back to the original firmware version.

through the Vodafone firmware flashing the device is neither gerootet nor unlocked the bootloader. This is primarily for the use of Samsung Knox important, that otherwise no longer would work. Boot logo and animations are also unchanged. Only two Vodafone apps are installed. This can be but remove. Updates “Over the Air” (OTA) will also work.

important note : the Vodafone firmware flashing is done at your own risk. Even if this so far usually works in the ZDNet test and according to the experiences of other users, this is no guarantee on the success of the procedure. is not liable for any damage to the unit.

firmware download

the Portal hosts firmware files for many Samsung smartphones. Including the Vodafone versions for the versions sold in Central Europe by Galaxy S7 with the model number SM-G930F and Galaxy S7 edge (SM-G935F) can be found. The firmware files are quite large with a size of 2.5 GB. The download may take some time.

Note: to select instead of the pictured here in the screenshot and used for the test report firmware versions of the 1.3.2017, the newer version of the 18.4.2017 is recommended. The reason for using the older firmware version was due to the possibility of review by OTA updates. They appeared now and work without problems. 

download links for Vodafone firmware files:

  • Vodafone firmware for Galaxy S7 (source:
  • Vodafone firmware Galaxy S7 edge (source:


ADB install

while the download is running, we recommend the installation of minimal ADB & fast boot tool. The usage is not necessarily required, but using the tool you can check whether the Galaxy S7 for the Flash process is correctly detected by the Windows System. It also enables the start of the download mode. It is which is not necessarily on the keyboard shortcut “Power” + “Home” + “Volume down” to activate it.

order to start adb from any directory, minimal ADB & fast boot – system and security – system – advanced system settings – environment variables in the system variables section the path to the entry C:Program files (x 86) Minimal ADB and fastboot . Who wants to go the long way from the control panel to the corresponding entry, taking the short cut via + and sysdm.cpl.

 path extend (screenshot:

after the download of the firmware is complete, it unpacks the firmware file. A total of four files are required for the Flash process. Start with AP, BL, CP, CSC.    02_Galaxy_S7_Download_Firmware_Vodafone

before actually starting Flash process should all accounts, fingerprints, and security features such as encryption turned off or deleted. It is easiest, it resets the device. “


so that the Flash tool Odin on the Galaxy S7 can be accessed to on the device options USB debugging and OEM unlock will be activated. You can make the two settings in the developer options, which are only visible if they have been enabled with 7-maligen tap on the build number software info. “


now you can check with adb, whether Windows properly integrated the Galaxy S7 for flashing the tool Odin. Should be after it has entered “ adb devices “, in the issue in addition to the “unauthorized” Android serial number, the connection via USB debugging was not confirmed. Only if the fingerprint of the RSA key for the computer is accepted, you have access to the Galaxy S7. “


after further review with “adb devices” is available in the output in addition to the Android serial “device”. This is the case you will start with “adb reboot download” to download mode. “


Alternatively the download mode can be a Galaxy S7 switched-off also by pressing the “Power” + “Home” + “Volume down” start. Then, a warning which you confirmed with the “Volume up” button will appear however. The device is in the download mode that is on the display with “downloading… Do not turn off target”signals.

 download mode with keyboard shortcut (image:

Note: one has accidentally activated the download mode and would not Flash, but the device is simply restart, manages this with the simultaneous actuation of all keys. So: + + + .

Flash tool Odin configure

now you can start the Flash tool Odin. In the left pane of status ID: COM is indicated, whether the Galaxy S7 is ready for use. In the test “0: [COM5]” is there. Depending on the Galaxy S7 was connected to any USB port, but also another name such as “0: [COM6]” can stand at this point. Odin should show no device, which could be due to missing drivers. These are together with Samsung smart switch automatically or manually via the current Google -install USB drivers for Android. In the test with Windows 10 creators update was easily detected the Galaxy S7.   07_Galaxy_S7_ODIN-1

then choosing one by one the corresponding firmware files for the sections of BL, AP CP and CSC. Depending on their size, Odin is engaged in some time so that (not responding) appears in the status bar.   08_Galaxy_S7_ODIN-2

In the test, two files with the Providerbranding (CSC) are included in the firmware package. For a complete reset of the device, the standard CSC variant CSC_VFG is selected. Experiments with Home_CSC_VFG are failed more frequently according to user reports. At this Variane only the cache is not deleted, the data partition.  09_Galaxy_S7_ODIN-3

under options enabled man in addition to the already pre-selected entries auto reboot and F. reset time is still the option of re partition.  10_Galaxy_S7_ODIN-4

under pit was previously given data to the Partiotionstabelle of Rome. This is no longer necessary, because the instructions are in the CSC file.   11_Galaxy_S7_ODIN-5

now starts with a click on”Start”the Flash process.  12_Galaxy_S7_ODIN-6

first the recovery partition will be flashed.

of the progress of the Flashvorgangs with a corresponding bar will be shown on the display of the Galaxy S7.  13_Galaxy_S7_ODIN-Flash-download mode

follow the system, cache and hidden partitions.  14_Galaxy_S7_ODIN-Flash-download mode progress  15_Galaxy_S7_ODIN-Flash-download mode progress cache  16_Galaxy_S7_ODIN-Flash-download mode progress hidden

after 3.5 minutes Odin has completed the Flash operation.   17_Galaxy_S7_ODIN Flashvorgang_beendet

now restarts the Smartphone and the system update is installed. This step is similar to that of OTA updates.  18_Galaxy_S7_System_Update

the first launch will take several minutes, because the system for the run-time environment of kind of is optimized. “”
 20_Galaxy_S7_First_Boot  21_Galaxy_S7_First_Boot_Anwendungen

the Welcome screen will then appear.  22_Galaxy_S7_First_Boot_Anwendungen_13_17

now must be set up the Galaxy S7 again.  23_Galaxy_S7_Einrichtung

is helpful, that Android provides a restore from a previously automatically created backup. Thus the apps are installed at least quickly again on the Smartphone.
 24_Galaxy_S7_Einrichtung1  25_Galaxy_S7_Einrichtung2

who used the Nova Launcher, can instantly including widgets and wallpaper quickly restore all home screens, sodern he a backup created. Up on the Google account all others such as E-Mail must be set up again.  26_Galaxy_S7_Einrichtung2


the flashing of the Vodafone firmware on the Galaxy S7 succeed relatively rapidly. The reconfiguration of the Smartphone is, of course, associated with a certain time. On the other hand, it comes with the method described a freshly installed system that is less prone to error than one that has already seen several updates.



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