Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge: Current update status in Germany, Austria and Switzerland [Update 3]

while in Germany T-Mobile customers still on the Android -7 update for their Galaxy-S7 smartphones wait, Vodafone begins with the delivery of the April security patches. The update called G930FXX1DQD2 is available recently for the Galaxy S7.

Vodafone is the first provider that provides the latest Android security patches for the Galaxy S7. Even free devices have not yet received the April security updates.

that the company relatively quickly delivers updates, is not new. Customers who purchased their Galaxy-S7 Smartphone on Vodafone, were allowed to look forward already early February about the update on Android 7, while Telekom customers operate until today their Galaxy smartphones with Android 6.0 and have also no current security patches. Date of the 1.11.2016.

 Galaxy S7: April security updates for Galaxy S7 from Vodafone (screenshot:

update 2 from the 17.3.2017

now get the free devices in Switzerland update on Android 7.0. Thus, only the Telekom customers in Germany and that of Hutchison three in Austria is waiting the update in the DACH region.

update 1 of the 7.3.2017

the update to Android 7.0 is now available for devices by 1 & 1 shipped. The 1.3 GB big update contributes the Galaxy S7 the version number G930FXXU1DQB7 / G930FXEG1DQB2 / G930FXXU1DQB3 (thanks Andre). Only customers of Telekom thus waiting for the Android-7.0 update.

original article by the 3.3.2017

In January of has Samsung announced the update on Android 7.0 for the current flagship smartphones Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. Unlike the iPhone takes the delivery of updates but not a day, but takes several weeks. Why that as soon as Apple and other manufacturers take longer, is not known.

a look at Facebook and Twitter shows that many can’t wait there until they can finally play on the upgrade to Android 7.0 on your Galaxy. Such requests are answered by Samsung with a general phrase however. Don’t seem to know a detailed timetable.

Samsung post on Facebook: “Hi XXX, we are always striving to provide software updates as soon as possible. The update is already available for devices of the first network providers. On specific dates for the update of other devices we can make no statement.”

this is obviously unsatisfactory and speaks not just for Samsung. Finally’s should be quite possible in this day and age, to concrete dates for an upcoming delivery of a large update. «

old update order: Vodafone, O2, free equipment

Galaxy S7 users who have purchased your device via Vodafone, were first through the update rejoice. It was already early February on their devices. Three weeks later it was then distributed to O2 customers. And on March 1 the upgrade to Android reached 7.0 finally free devices without provider binding . Who has acquired his Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge from T-Mobile or 1 & 1, must wait still.

in Austria, the delivery of updates is already largely completed. Up on Hutchison 3, the provider A1, T-Mobile and Telering provides S7 customers with Android 7.0. In Switzerland, Swisscom customers received the update of the end of February. Users of free devices, however, still waiting for the update.

Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 edge: which provider is the device?

the provider is encrypted in the carrier-specific code (CSC). It can be located via the input of *#1234# in the phone app display. Alternatively a manual update search results, for example, the following display: “the latest updates are already installed. Current version G930FXXU1DQB3 / G930F DBT 1DQA8 / G930FXXU1DQB1″. The letters “DBT” the Middle designation indicates that it is a device without provider binding. At the edge of the Galaxy S7, it can be also “flight”. For equipment providers are “XEG” 1 & 1 “VFG” for Vodafone and ‘TEF’ for O2, the designations “DDX” for T-Mobile.

 Galaxy S7/S7 edge: provider code in CSC (image: Galaxy S7/S7 edge: on the basis of the sequence of digits in the CSC, the provider can be determined:”DBT”stands for free devices,”DDX”for T-Mobile,”XEG”1 & 1″VFG”for Vodafone and ‘TEF’ for O2 (image:

who is not certain, the used Galaxy-S7 device comes from what provider, can take a look at the following table. The there integrated the product code link on the database maintained by Sammobile which contains information about the current firmware version. So you can quickly check themselves, whether for the used Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge new firmware is present or not.

Samsung Galaxy S7 : provider code is hidden in the carrier-specific code (CSC) (source: Sammobile, 18.4.2017)

version of Android CSC (provider code in red) product code provider
7.0 G930F VFG 1DQBT VD2 Vodafone
7.0 G930F TEF 1DQA4 [] VIA O2
7.0 G930F DBT 1DQA8 DBT free device
6.0.1 G930F DDX 1BPJ1 DTM T-Mobile
7.0 G930F XEG 1DQB2 XEG 1 & 1
7.0 G930F DRE 1DQA4 [] DRE 3 Hutschison (Austria)
7.0 G930F VFG 1DQB7 MOB A1 (Austria)
7.0 G930F DAX 1DQB4 MAX T-Mobile (Austria)
7.0 G930F DAX 1DQB4 TRG tele ring (Austria)
7.0 G930F AUT 1DQC2 AUT free device (Switzerland)
7.0 G930F VFG 1DQBO SWC Swisscom (Switzerland)



Samsung Galaxy S7 edge : hiding in the carrier-specific code (CSC) (source provider code : Sammobile)

version of Android CSC (provider code in red) product code provider
7.0 G935F VFG 1DQBT VD2 Vodafone
7.0 G935F TEF 1DQA4 VIA O2
7.0 G935F DBT 1DQA8 DBT free machine []
6.0.1 G935F DDX 1BPJ1 DTM T-Mobile
7.0 G935F XEG 1DQB2 XEG 1 & 1
7.0 G935F DRE 1DQCJ DRE 3 Hutschison (Austria)
7.0 G935F VFG 1DQB7 MOB A1 (Austria)
7.0 G935F DAX 1DQB4 MAX T-Mobile (Austria)
7.0 G935F DAX 1DQB4 TRG Telering (Austria)
7.0 G935F AUT 1DQC2 AUT free device (Switzerland)
7.0 G935F VFG 1DQBO SWC Swisscom (Switzerland)

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