Galaxy S4: Update on Android 7.1.1 with LineageOS

Android -smart phones by most manufacturers not especially long with updates keep in mind . After all, to have Google Samsung Sony and others decided to provide the most important models for two years with current operating systems and for three years with security updates.

 Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 (jfltexx) (picture: but also relatively old devices with the latest Android version to work well, shows the test with the 2013 nexus 5 appeared. The dates from the same year Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505, jfltexx), which is equipped with a Snapdragon 600 and 2 GB RAM. As the operating system Android 5.0.1 used comes standard. The last security patches date for the free model (DBT) of the December 2016.

for a few days, the developer of the have CyanogenMod formulation LineageOS now a first nightly based on Android 7.1.1 released. It contains the latest security patches from the 5th March 2017. Because the boot loader of the Galaxy S4 is not locked, LineageOS can be relatively easily install on the Galaxy S4. For this purpose, proceed as follows:

  • team win custom recovery image (TWRP) Flash
  • LineageOS with TWRP install
  • optional: GAPPS for access to Google play store and other Google services with TWRP install
  • optional: for root access with TWRP install

SuperSU following components are required for the procedure:

  1. Heimdall suite for flashing of team win recovery project image (TWRP)
  2. team win Recovery project image (TWRP): twrp-3.1.0-0-jfltexx.img
  3. LineageOS 14.1 nightly for Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505, jfltexx): pico
  4. OpenGAPPS:
  5. SuperSU for root access (optional):

Heimdall suite, drivers installation with Zadig

unlike as in the nexus 5 manages the Flash of the custom recovery TWRP not the fastboot -command. Instead, the Heimdall suite is used for this purpose. So that the command line tool heimdall Windows 10 works, must be called in the subdirectory drivers of the programme first zdiag.exe a driver for the communication with the Galaxy S4, which is connected to the PC to install. For this purpose activate the setting “List all Devices” under “Options”. Then, the “SAMSUNG_Android” option is selected in the selection box below the menu. Now, the driver should be installed. Corresponding instructions appear on the screen of your PC.

 Heimdall-Zadig driver install (image:

Galaxy S4: download mode

to the custom recovery TWRP using the command line tool to Flash heimdall must be the Galaxy S4 in the so-called download mode. This one separates the Smartphone from the PC and turns it off. Then pressing the keys at the same time: + + . Now the following should appear on the screen:

 02_Samsung_Galaxy_S4_GT_I9505_jfltexx-download mode (image: to enter download mode, it switches off the Galaxy S4 first. Then at the same time pressing the buttons, + + . Now, a warning will appear. takes you to the next screen (image:

TWRP with heimdall Flash

now you open the command prompt with administrator privileges and navigated to the directory of the Heimdall. In this, you also copied the TWRP image and rename it to recovery.img. Now entering following command:

  • heimdall flash RECOVERY recovery.img - no-reboot

now should be to see the following output:

 04_Samsung_Galaxy_S4_GT_I9505_jfltexx-heimdall flash-RECOVERY-recovery-img-no-reboot (image: command heimdall flash RECOVERY recovery.img - no-reboot the TWRP recovery on the Galaxy S4 flashed (image is :

start the recovery TWRP on the Galaxy S4, a blue bar shows the installation of the custom recovery TWRP. Now you can disconnect the device from the PC and turns off pressing the power button. Now, it must be started the recovery. This can be achieved by the simultaneous pressing of the buttons + + . Goes slightly wrong and the machine starts normally, the recovery TWRP is reset, so you must install it again.

TWRP: pico LineageOS, GAPPS and SuperSu with TWRP install

In the recovery to initially set the language to German and confirmed with a wiping gesture to the right the modification of the system partition.

 05_Samsung_Galaxy_S4_GT_I9505_jfltexx TWRP Deutsch_System_Modifikation_zulassen (image:

TWRP: Galaxy S4 to factory settings reset

now must be reset the unit completely. To do this, select the “Delete” button the TWRP main menu. Manual deletion of partitions Dalvik / type cache, system, data, internal memory and cache is advisable to push “manufacture factory settings” to the right, instead of now the slider. You select these via the “Extended delete” button.

 06_Samsung_Galaxy_S4_GT_I9505_jfltexx TWRP komplett_loeschen (image: delete all partitions it goes through to compatibility issues. The error message E: failed to write / dev/block/mmcblk0p9: I/O error is of no consequence (image:

now if you connect again the Galaxy S4 on the PC, to copy LineageOS, GAPPS, and SuperSU on the device. For this, you create a directory with the Explorer and copies the single files there.

 07_Samsung_Galaxy_S4_GT_I9505_jfltexx TWRP LineageOS_GAPPS_SuperSU-copy (image: from the desktop computer to copy now GAPPS, LineageOS and SuperSU on the Galaxy S4 (image:

then select these components from the TWRP main menu via”Install”one by one and confirm the installation by sliding the slider to the right. “

 08_Samsung_Galaxy_S4_GT_I9505_jfltexx-TWRP-LineageOS_GAPPS_SuperSU Flash one at a time, add LineageOS, GAPPS and SuperSU on “install” to Flash files end up in the list. Then, we used installation underway about pushing the slider to the right. After the installation you tap “System restart” (image:

Setup Wizard: import applications

the first launch of the Galaxy S4 with freshly installed LineageOS takes about four to five minutes. Then answer the Setup Wizard. However this still not pertinent. If you for example, under “data import of…” ‘Android device’ option chooses, Google nearby transmitted but then over NFC or – if this does not work – the Google account. Importing applications fail however due to the abrupt termination of Google services such as play store first. The app-import works but then after a reboot of the device. But only if you described in this guide, pico used the GAPPS version. With other versions have failed, however, the import applications.

conclusion through the installation of LineageOS users can operate the 2013 released Galaxy S4 with the latest Android version 7.1.1 including latest security patches. And it succeeds quite liquid. However, the Knox-counter is used, so that you can use Knox-based services also on return to Samsung’s original firmware. Also the note indicated at the start of the unit the display top left “KERNEL IS emergency SEANDROID ENFORCING”, that it is not the default kernel from Samsung.

 LineageOS: Einrichtungsassisten problems when importing from applications (image: the import applications succeed due to the abrupt termination of individual Google services only after a restart of the device. Once installed, LineageOS it works easily and can be on the four-year-old Galaxy S4 liquid control (image:

LineageOS: this is required for the installation on the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505, jfltexx).

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