Galaxy note 7: update prevents charging the battery

Samsung to the use of Galaxy note 7 finally stop. In South Korea it begins this month through a software update to prevent as the Korean news agency reported Yonhap reload the battery. Then, this smartphone models should be only usable while they are connected to the power supply, which excludes a practical application in everyday life.

 Samsung Galaxy touch 7 (image: Samsung)

the announcement of the manufacturer refers to its home market of South Korea. There, particularly many note came 7 in circulation before numerous incidents with exploding in flames rising equipment forced a sell stop and a conversion action. It is but it can be expected that the widespread paralysis of the mobile devices is stretched already soon worldwide.

in the United States leading mobile operator to surge in December, and the remaining Galaxy made unusable, note 7 with a software update provided by Samsung that the battery charging prevented. Even at this stage, the most US buyers of the had accepted the exchange offer and returned their equipment. An earlier update had already limited the capacity to 60 percent and reduce the risk, but also use more difficult.

in some countries Samsung also worked with network operators, to the Galaxy note 7 to block access to mobile networks. Such drastic measures were clearly not used to implement due to the high sales in South Korea. According to Samsung, 97 percent of all rated 7 in South Korea were returned, but in the meantime so that only three percent of the buyers are affected by the final paralysis.

Samsung Galaxy had recalled note 7 September 2016, and warned of a possible overheating of the battery. Affected customers received worldwide either refund the purchase price or to replace a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge. Because the devices can even burst and ignite under certain circumstances, Samsung pushed its customers strongly change her grade 7. DISPLAY

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