G.Skill announced new memories DDR4 4,333 MHz

memories DDR4 cash advances several manufacturers have begun a kind of race that seeks to establish new records of frequency. Technically, was Corsair who came first to the market with modules of 4,333 MHz but G.Skill was swift and announced his new memoirs Trident Z 16 GB – [19459005](2 x 8 GB), Samsung silicon-based. These memories were validated for use on platforms Kaby Lake and the company published images that confirm a slight margin of overclocking. Both

Kaby Lake Ryzen serve as an excuse to finally adopt DDR4 memory . Personally I am convinced that Intel and AMD could have been run to their processors with DDR3 modules, and I admit that the absence of backward compatibility a little bit bored but if the new memory is best for these systems, then they have to use them. Now, there are small details of support that have not been fully resolved. Manufacturers continue to work on validation, and calculation that in the coming months we will see new BIOS updates. Of course, this effort reaches all manufacturers, not only to those who are responsible for the base plates, and by the side of the memories we find ads like the one made G.Skill the last Friday.

a little voltage, and with the appropriate base plate, a festival of bandwidth

is its new package of Trident Z memories with a frequency of 4,333 MHz divided into two modules of 8 GB . The most striking is that the Trident Z reach that frequency with a voltage of 1.4V, parameter that exceeds the value of “high performance” 1. 35v to DDR4 memory, and to the JEDEC standard of 1.2V. Modules include aluminium heatsinks and XMP 2.0 extensions, which should provide enthusiastic enough space to play with the timings and squeezing the most memories. G.Skill shared a couple of pictures which shows his new memoirs operating at DDR4-4505, seamlessly.

DDR4-4505. I wonder what will be the ceiling…

The issue of validation is delicate, and for now, G.Skill only confirmed chipset Intel Z270 platform support Kaby Lake (la imagen indica una placa ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex) . It is a matter of time for more hardware joins, a time that G.Skill is definitely going to take, because memories have no price or release date.

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