Fusion: GoPro launches pilot program for 360-degree VR camera with 5.2K-Auflösung

GoPro has announced the launch of its pilot program for GoPro fusion. The 5.2 K spherical camera has been developed as a recording device for fully immersive virtual reality material as well as for conventional video and photo formats. Professional content producers can apply from today at GoPro to participate in the pilot program. The launch is expected in summer 2017. GoPro is planning a limited launch for end 2017. details about prices and other specifications will be announced at launch. “

 GoPro pilot program starts for VR camera GoPro fusion (image: GoPro). GoPro pilot program starts for VR camera GoPro fusion (image: GoPro).

“Fusion allows you to capture every angle… like you have six GoPro cameras in one at the same time”, said Nicholas Woodman, GoPro founder and CEO. “The films for VR video material as well as from traditional camera angles, Fusion represents the latest state of the art.”

Fusion is the “ultimate spherical inclusion solution” for innovative filmmakers and photographers who like to explore the boundaries of what is feasible, so the manufacturer. In addition to high-performance recordings for immersive VR experience, Fusion allows for a new, creative OverCapture solution, which provides the flexibility of content producers, “to cut out conventional non-VR video and photos in HD quality from the spherical recorded material”. Fusion is not only a Board recording solution, but make sure that the scheduled recordings in the box and at the same time also the unexpected will recorded.

GoPro wants to work this summer with selected partners – as for example brands continue to streamline agencies and content professionals – the user experience prior to market launch and to produce content that should demonstrate the creative potential of fusion.

GoPros news blog “Inside Line” interested parties can get a first impression of the possibilities of fusion. There is also the 360-degree video “Record live reality”.

Fusion is compatible according to the manufacturer with many GoPro accessories and official accessories.


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