Functions that call the next versions of tvOS and watchOS?

WWDC is the moment that Apple we will present their upcoming releases of software. The Kings of the event will be iOS and macOS however, many want to see what’s new in tvOS and watchOS, news like that I mention below.

next versions of tvOS and watchOS in the WWDC 2017

tvOS both watchOS will receive what’s new in the next version of its operating system, new features that are still secret, and can only assume up to the month of June where Apple will present them officially.

 tvOS and watchOS on their devices


tvOS although we know nothing of tvOS and watchOS we wanted to make a compilation of functions which we would like to see in both operating systems. Started by tvOS, operating system for the Apple TV could bring new features in the next version. To my in particular I love and I hope (at a minimum) the following new features:

  • multiple accounts of users

an interesting function is the possibility to choose among different users in a simple and easy way. The possibility of having multiple accounts on one device will boost to Apple TV in the face families or people who share a same household .

thanks to this function each person’s House could have its user account, your own applications, your could configurations, and its own Apple ID associated among other things.

function picture-in-picture is now available for iOS on some models of iPad and macOS Sierra. This function is intended to continue enjoying content within a window while you can continue to use the other functions of the system. “

 Presentación Picture in picture-Picture in Picture (PIP) in macOS

is an interesting feature and would have sense that Apple TV now that other Apple devices already have this feature.

I think that if Apple did a version of Safari for Apple TV, the device would win much. Probably we would be talking about the end of smartTV televisions. With an integrated browser we could see websites from our television, including power enjoy exclusive multimedia content from certain Web sites . The possibilities of use of Apple TV would increase, and I just wonder, why there?

  • live webcasts from a single site

another new feature expected by many people is the possibility that in a single site all the live broadcasts available in the different applications installed on the Apple TV. It is an option that would help the user to choose a live content in a faster and more convenient way, avoiding the laborious work of open application-by-application basis.

I do not know if the Siri Speaker will be a reality at WWDC but if it is not, I believe that the Apple TV could be the device intended for this purpose. To do so, Siri needs to receive updates on all operating systems where available (including tvOS and watchOS).

 Siri on Apple TV Siri on the Apple TV

the idea having more weight is the Assistant to opt for artificial intelligence and a greater proactivity. TvOS this proactivity could be with devices compatible with the Home application .

watchOS will also have news

in this summary of functions which we would like to see both in tvOS as in watchOS there are some functions that could be in both operating systems such as Siri, and others that do not. However, I believe that it is the turn of the operating system for watches.

  • proactive health

is that this function is more focused on the Apple Watch but why not to the Apple TV. we should be better connected in terms of health with all Apple devices .

 Apple Watch series 2 Apple Watch series 2

we have a little doctor on our wrist, capable of analyzing our heartbeats, however you should be able to let us know that we have a heart problem for example based on keystrokes, reiterate us follow a healthy routine depending on our habits. better timing between all Apple devices etc.

  • Siri, talk to me when my AirPods

Siri at Apple Watch is silent (or silent,) depending on what you want to be. While it is true that it is understandable because it facilitates its use unless other people are aware, that doesn’t mean that there may be exceptions when we take headphones (for example the AirPods), as for example when we do sport and let us know of the measurements. It will miss more of Siri in this sense .

  • make more applications in the background

is true that we have of the “Dock ” where to put a few applications that start fast, the truth is that it stays in a few.

 multitasking on watchOS at watchOS

for that I would like Apple to allow any application to quickly access these apps on the clock. TvOS multitasking is perfectly zero complaints.

  • alert when you lose connection with the iPhone

the Apple Watch depends on the iPhone, a feature that I don’t like but there is no other alternative (for now), but… isn’t there some sort of alert able to let us know that the iPhone we forget? It would be a functional feature and I believe that enough respondent by a Apple Watch users.

  • wholesale freedom of the iPhone

want an independent iPhone Apple Watch. Is that you will arrive at some point but to do so, we should see some improvements in the software. Improvements such as the ability to d download applications from the clock, enable AirPlay video (for presentations), performance improvements (watchOS remains powerful despite the marked improvement in watchOS 3) and improvements in native applications such as Mail .

as you can see, my demands are fairly consistent about what I want in the next versions of tvOS and watchOS face. You, and would you like to see in both operating systems?

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