Fujitsu study: The digital transformation investments pay off

according to a recent survey by Fujitsu has already benefited about one-third of the company by investing in the digital transformation. All 89 percent of the respondents plan, test or implement currently digital solutions using technologies such as artificial intelligence, or use Internet of things the for the first time. On the Fujitsu global digital transformation leaders from 15 countries, of which 103 from Germany took part survey which was carried out in February, 1614.

 Fujitsu global digital transformation survey (image: Fujitsu) Fujitsu global digital transformation survey (image: Fujitsu)

46 percent of participants digitization provides for an upswing of in business. Still 44 percent see a significantly better customer relationship as the most important outcome of their digitisation initiatives, while 36 percent more competitive products. Further, frequently listed benefits are greater efficiency, better business models and optimized processes.

digitisation activities are according to study the increased in the business and incorporated the social context and affect the entire working life. But the changes in different sizes tend to be. According to study is the focus primarily on marketing (38 percent of the mentions), the work processes (35 per cent), as well as operations and maintenance (30 per cent) each.

as the study shows, will be the central feature of a sustainable workforce increasingly the ability, with systems to work, that have elements of artificial intelligence – intensive systems that independently obtain information and data to valuable insights can handle. Surveyed executives were invariably thrilled by the possibilities of artificial intelligence, in particular in the subtle interplay with human creativity. More than three quarters of the survey participants evaluate artificial intelligence as a tremendous opportunity, 82 percent are convinced that the technology will significantly increase the abilities of people.

the digitisation accelerates also industry-specific business processes. Thus, Fintech affected the entire financial system of trade innovation while manufacturers can design new, smart manufacturing facilities with the Internet of things and realize.

according to the first “digital” steps have taken between a third and a half of the companies study. Across the front are mainly the financial sector and health, where the rate of the digital pioneers is 51 percent each.

the most important success factors for a successful digital transformation are appropriately trained staff (19 percent of the mentions), a strong management culture (18 percent), as well as streamlined processes and organizational structures. Moreover, it comes on collaborations with partners, including technology companies and suppliers to. In this context, the companies primarily on the expertise of potential partners in regard to the Internet of things, advanced analytics, make artificial intelligence and cyber-security – and technology providers who are versed in individual industries and know what is required for the specific business requirements, as well as the respective strategies.

“the digital transformation has arrived in the business life and shows great benefits for those who use them just below the line. Our study emphasizes that it is not only about the introduction of appropriate technologies – the whole game is now operated under new rules. Connectivity and data-driven insights into how they were unthinkable five years ago, must of course also adequately used and brought into connection with the creative factor man. Those who are already successful, rely mostly on support from technology vendors including Fujitsu. So strategies can work out, who get the most out of technology and staff”, explains Duncan Tait, SEVP and head of Americas and EMEIA at Fujitsu.


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with the Fujitsu technology and service vision (FT & SV) Fujitsu takes a look at the future of (digital). In the focus are above all the various forms of a Division -, industry – specific and cross-company collaboration in a digital society.

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