Frees up space on your iPhone quickly with this old trick

the space on iOS devices is going to the background because Apple has banished completely devices equipped with 16GB (or worse still 8GB). Therefore, who plays sharpen your wits, used clouds to store photographs, or worse still, in some cases we chose directly skip to use applications that really like us but wreak havoc in the memory of our devices, especially if you’re a fan of playing on your mobile phone. But this could be left behind if you consider this interesting trick that has been present in iOS quite some time and could save you space considerably.

formerly optábamos by using the purchase on iTunes HD movies occupying enough space. However, it seems that Apple got tired of that I use this system and decided to omit it. However, it has followed allowing use exactly the same system, but in another way. This will use the iOS App Store so better.

what we should do is to look for a video game, which most occupy all the IOS App Store if possible in my case usually opt for the Infinity Blade III since it is that more weigh. Act followed, when we started the game download, iOS will recognize that it can free space the same cleaning files garbage and the cache, this will begin to appear the text “cleaning…” under certain applications, mostly under Facebook, Instagram, or Wallapop which accumulate an enormous amount of data trash that occupy a brutal space on our device.

this mechanism is not harmful for your iOS device, so it is ideal. I particularly after running this system make cleaning of RAM, so you leave pressed the “Power” button until the shutdown menu and press “Home” without releasing it until it seems to do a small restart. After both systems go to settings to buy how have released a minimum of 1 GB of memory .

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