Foxconn wants up to $27 billion for Toshiba’s Semiconductor Division pay Taiwanese

Apple -contract manufacturer Foxconn has Toshiba informed that he is willing to pay up to $27 billion for buying its chips parte . The Wall Street Journal has reported and it refers to persons who are familiar with the negotiations. The second highest bidder wants to go therefore only up to $18 billion.

 Toshiba's plant in Yokkaichi (image: Toshiba) Toshiba’s plant in Yokkaichi (image: Toshiba)

a similar strategy Foxconn went to get the Japanese manufacturer under his control sharp . Also here, it offered much more than others and beat even a mutual fund out of the box, which was supported by the Japanese Government. However, Foxconn lowered its offer by more than €5 billion later and founded with previously unknown costs of unresolved disputes. Sharp, purchase offer reduced to €3 billion accepted eventually.

also in Toshiba’s chips parte the Japanese Government probably the acquisition by Japanese companies or Japanese American joint venture would have before. Circles attach great importance to Japan’s growth strategy to the Flash memory chips produced by Toshiba. Because Toshiba is already more strapped for cash, it could reject but hardly a higher offer from Foxconn.

are in the race in the auction of Toshiba’s Semiconductor Division still the South Korean semiconductor manufacturer SK Hynix and the chip developer Broadcomm apart from Foxconn. According to Bloomberg, Hynix negotiated with Japanese manufacturers about a possible joint bid to overcome political hurdles.

over 600 different activities include the electronics conglomerate Toshiba. But the most valuable is the Semiconductor Division, which produces Flash memory chips for data storage in mobile phones and other devices. Toshiba must repel businesses to multi-billion dollar losses in its nuclear Division of Westinghouse.

already by 2015 a financial scandal had rocked the Japanese group. Since 2008, Toshiba had assigned to up its net profit to total 155 billion yen (1.26 billion euros). The profit before taxes should have been given to too high between 2008 and 2015 even to 225 billion yen. As a result the company end of 2015 announced one year loss of 4.2 billion euros and a restructuring. Alone in the Home Electronics Division, approximately 6800 employees lost their job. In addition, Toshiba is separated from its PC Division. DISPLAY

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