Five sites to play tricks on your friends and enemies

always have been the soul of the party. well, not… Not really. Anyone who creates the center of the party can really be. But yes I’m that like to spend jokes to their neighbors. Those who take a screenshot of the desktop, put it as wallpaper and hide all the icons in a folder at the root of the C:. fun assurance!

because is nothing better than laughing at others frustration to make something more tolerable this universal misfortune which we call existence. Why, and to annoy people at distance, is that we have designed this short but unique list of “ non-Presential jokes “, ideal for sending by mail or Whatsapp and each day a little more hated.

a classic of all time, ideal for when a relative (of those who know that you are a as computer), asks that you review your PC, which runs him slowly. You, as always, have more important things to do than go to the House of your uncle, smelling farts. But as you say don’t worry, that is likely to have little memory RAM. How to fix it? To enter to and that is it download how much RAM do you need. is free and all! That Yes, in the next Christmas don’t expect gift from the relative in question, after all the laughter that surely have spent thanks to their technological ignorance.

a classic of all time.

but assume that you already have in the House of the annoying relative. You were visiting, because forced you your partner or something as well. And, in the best talk, appears the heavy your uncle telling you that, since are here, that why not you you look at the computer, which runs him slowly. GRRRRRRRRRRR! do murderous rage? No, better Fake Update a site that lets you select false update screens that last forever. What’s more, if you press ENTER to end in disaster. Select the correct operating system, put the browser in full-screen, waiting awhile and activates the blue screen of death to . Then, for best effect, desenchufas the power cord from the Cabinet and Spears a: “ Oh no, uncle!” I broke your computer! What awkward I am! Look, does not turn over! “and then Yes, your uncle, who knows nothing, this no longer asks for more favors.” Win win.

the dreaded blue screen of death

I’m not so sure that it tries to be a joke site, but rather one of those scams that make money thanks to the ingenuity of the people . But, what the hell, can also be used to make jokes in poor taste! And that is what we will do here. Funny applications leave them to your imagination, suffice it to say that this pregnancy test early includes a “Radar distance” that detects whether the user behind the monitor is pregnant or not . For the test (which includes endocrinologist balance, hormone levels and the concentration of amniotic fluid analysis), are asked to the user that is all still possible. Depending on the application, I am pregnant . A 99.99% accuracy.

if I even know the sex of my child!

after three years in development and millions of dollars spent, this site will leave your victims like true idiots . Using patented technology, The Amazing Camera is able to take a picture through the PC screen . Yes, any type of accessory is necessary! Removed a selfie has never been so easy! Look at the red dot, press the button and expected the result. IT HA! It shamed the muggles of the computer with your superior intellect and impeccable sense of humor! Simple, but effective.


it is not a site, but still works great. car Damage App is an application for Android that allows you to edit the picture of a car with all kinds of terrible accidents (car, scratch, fire, etc) . Nothing that you can do with Photoshop, but this application comes with everything you need to take a picture on the fly, edit it in seconds and send to that friend who loves his car more than their children. Easy to use and quite drinkable results, that are used to fool the untrained eye.

some examples

with this list of digital insurance jokes you run out of friends. But equally, who needs friends when you have Internet?

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