Fiscal results Q2 2017, Apple remains in the line

few minutes ago Apple has released the economic results for the second fiscal quarter ended April 30. These findings in general, remain quite stable with respect to citations in the first quarter of this 2017, in which the iPhone was the key product that raised the finances of the company. As usual, at 23:00 (hour peninsular Spanish), Apple has released this report on the web that I leave here . Then we analyse them in detail.

financial results for Apple relatively positive

global-level results have been positive for the Cupertino company, although shareholders say not the same, since once the report has been known, shares have plummeted by 1.5%.

 money Apple

if we get into values, this quarter, Apple has recorded 11 billion dollars of net with $ 52.9 billion. If we passed a value per share, a figure that is much easier to use, stock price rises to $ 2.10, a rise 20 cents compared to the previous year.

markup for Apple was not as positive as they have been in the theme of the actions. This is because that reportedly known today, Apple would have gotten a 38.9% of benefit, which is located below the result obtained in the previous quarter, a 39.4%.

with respect to the number of sales, we highlight a very interesting value. 60% of the global sales of Apple are international. Here we see the great weight that has the international market at the Cupertino company.

move on now to the number of sales that Apple has had

something that arouses much enthusiasm in any user of Apple, beyond income that has made Apple or the value of its shares, is the amount of devices sold in the second quarter of the year.

the star product of the company, iPhone, sold 50.8 million units during the quarter. These figures are lower than that achieved in the fiscal quarter that they were 51.1 million units. Will be already the people waiting for the iPhone 8? The market trend seems to be that it is confirming it little by little, due to the expectation that we have all put in the iPhone 8.

 graphic with the evolution of sales of Apple devices | graphic with the evolution of sales of Apple devices | Source: MacRumors

the Mac if they are in luck, since this fiscal quarter 4.20 million units have been sold, a figure slightly Prosecutor to the of 3 months ago with 4.03 million units.

the field of accessories the decrease of income is very important, since they been enter 10,25 million dollars to 8.92 million. People think that he is opting for third-party brands, something that doesn’t surprise us, since the prices that include add-ins Apple is too high, although the quality is very appropriate.

then we leave the statements made by Tim Cook these results:

“we are proud to present the high quarter of March, with growth accelerating since the December quarter and the continuous strong demand for iPhone 7 Plus. We’ve seen a great response from the client to the two models of the new iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition and we are delighted with the strong momentum of our business, with our income reached highest for a quarter of 13 weeks. Looking to the future, we are very pleased to welcome attendees from around the world to our annual Worldwide Developers Conference next month in San Jose “

to give you a greater idea that the iPhone is the King in sales at the Cupertino company with respect to other products, we leave this graph by the average macrumors” :

 representation in % of the presence of various Apple products | representation in % of the presence of various Apple products | Source: MacRumors

in respect to the App Store, of which we have seen this week controversial news the Conference specified that this income has increased 40% over last year.

in addition, also highlighted the news we saw in today, as it is the satisfaction of users of the AirPods are having nothing more and nothing less than 98% of the users.

else that could not miss this Conference is the iPhone PRODUCT network, claiming to have had very good response from users, although there is no any information officially in number of units. Another product which has been mentioned but without going into detail is the Apple Watch, which ensure that is the most sold in the world of smart watches.

the Apple Park is also being one of the main protagonists, announcing that the 13,000 employees of Apple will be those buildings very soon.

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