Firefox Test Pilot: help Mozilla to improve your browser

the first time we are talking about Test Pilot program was in January 2009 but what started out as a system to collect telemetry, is now a space that gives all users small experiments that can be evaluated on their copies of Firefox and check its functionality , at the same time helping to optimize the browser. Screen capture and video players minimalist, containers of tabs are the order of the day, provided you accept the occasional error.

Firefox load with various problems, it makes no sense denying it. If we listen to users, both overall performance and memory consumption still leave much to be desired. What should I do to check is to open the Task Manager and admire the 900 MB calling the browser with two tabs open and a single extension . Even though there is an abundance of resources that is important, it seems lie that Firefox remains chained to those two stones. And on the other side we find several strategic mistakes incorporating functions. Its interface keeps on changing. Firefox Hello flew through the air. No one want to Pocket. Sync should be an optional module, and there are certain things that other browsers already integrated successfully. Luckily Mozilla picked up the glove, and several of these aspects are being evaluated through the Firefox Test Pilot program.

Containers allows you to customize the color of each category, as well as the icon

the available experiments total amount to seven, but before you can activate them you will have to install the extension Test Pilot, what happens in the background. One of the most prominent experiments is Containers who began his adventure in the Nightly channel in mid-2016. In essence, what makes Containers is to organize our favorite sites in several categories, and moreover they are isolated together, a detail which enables opening more than one account in a same service (digamos, un Twitter de trabajo y otro personal) . Another that is worthwhile is press performance indicator to inform Mozilla which work as well certain sites with Firefox. Finally I want to mention the most popular Test Pilot experiment (553 mil usuarios) Page Shot called . As its name suggests, Page Shot greatly simplifies the capture of screens on the browser.

Min Vid sounds good, but something in my terminal didn’t like or a little…

Needless to say, all experiments should be considered a work in progress . Personally I had several drawbacks with Containers when assigning web sites, and the experiment Min Vid that open YouTube videos on a small external player never managed to reproduce the content. Test Pilot requires patience, and when reporting bugs, you need a profile on GitHub.

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